Tuesday, September 2, 2014

University Model School: Yeah, That's What It Is

Our homeschool has turned into a University Model School. That’s what I’m calling it and I’m pretending it was totally intentional.

To be more accurate I should probably call it a Grand Central Station School. There are a lot of comings and goings here. Gone, gone, gone are the days when I had control of the schedule. I don’t even remember what that feels like anymore.

Bryce is finishing up Paramedics school this year. He should be done sometime around March. He is taking the shift based class, which means he is in school one day and works two. Sometimes he is at school on a Saturday even. I have no idea what he is doing on any given day. One day he might be gone all day working, one day he comes home from school at noon, one day he’s home from school at three. Some day’s he has 12 hour clinical at the ER, one day he’ll be home all day studying. I am clueless as to what he is doing.

Gunnar is, for the first time in his life, not in school. He is working full time at a landscaping business and in the middle of the process of getting hired on to the Houston Fire Department. If he gets hired, he’ll be moving to Houston probably before the end of the year. If he does not get hired, he’ll be starting Paramedics school in January. So, who knows what his year is going to look like for him.

Evelyn is a Senior this year and she is taking all of her classes at the Community College nearby on M/W, and one online. She hates the online class, but the Spanish 3 class we signed her up for didn’t make so she had no choice. She is also working T/TH at the Mother’s Day Out at our church.

Annika is a Sophomore and really the only child I’m homeschooling. She works at the Mother’s Day Out on Tuesday, and attends our homeschool co op on Thursday where she takes all those icky classes, like Anatomy, that I don’t want to teach.  I have a strict, ‘No dissection on my kitchen table!’ policy.

So I am teaching Annika on M/W/F, I have a quiet house on Tuesday, (If the boys are not here, I never really know about them.) and I teach on Thursday mornings at the homeschool Co op.

I have this faint memory of sitting around the table doing our written work together, reading aloud to the kids while the girls brushed my hair and braided it and put clips and bows in it, lunch together…

 I miss those days. A lot. But to be honest, there was also a fair bit of shushing, separating, punishing, and yes, maybe even a bit of yelling. We are all human after all.

They grow up fast, mamas. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.