Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the last two weeks… (And this is only the highlights folks.)

This is the entire crew we had at our family gathering. Everyone except my Father in Law. He was not feeling well and went home. It was interesting feeding this many people but many hands do indeed make light work, and my sister in law who headed it all up is amazing. It was fun.

And now...the reason my hair is falling out and I am bleary-eyed.

1. We were scheduled to close on our house and the one we are buying.

2. We have packed pretty much the entire house and have a stack of boxes almost to the ceiling waiting to be packed with the rest of the stuff.

3. The loan for the people who are buying our place hit a snag.

4. The loan for the people who are buying our place came to a complete halt.

5. My husband had to get involved with their loan guy to get some documents about an easement behind our house (The same easement that was not at all an issue when we bought the house btw) so they could get their loan.

6. We are still waiting on one document from the notoriously slow power company, so they can resume the loan process, and we can resume the loan process on the house we are buying.

7. All the contracts expire Friday. Cut it close much?

8. My Sister was diagnosed with a rare and scary form of peritoneal cancer. Major surgery was scheduled and a LOOOOONNGG recovery assumed.

9. My aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor and major surgery was scheduled.

10. My uncle (not the one married to the above aunt) had a heart attack.

11. Thanksgiving happened. Much cooking.

12. My sister’s surgery happened and there was NO cancer. Miraculous. Recovery not so long now.

13. My aunts tumor was benign.

14. My uncle only had a ‘small’ heart attack, they got to the hospital in time and he is now home resting comfortably, albeit with a sack full of new medications and a long list of must do’s and must not do’s.

15. I have taken up drinking.

16. Just kidding on that last one.

17. Kinda.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why I'm twitchy with grey hair.

I received an email last week saying the college campus one of my sons was on, was on lockdown. I promptly texted my son to see if he was okay.

This is why I have grey hair and a permanent twitch.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh happy day.

We got some good news on the house front yesterday. I’ll spare you all the details, (you’re welcome) but basically, after some back and forth, we agreed on a revised contract with the sellers on the house we want. They did not come down as far as we were asking, but they came down far enough to make my husband happy. We should close on both houses around the end of November. We may move right away or we may wait a few weeks depending on how long the repairs take.

I am very excited!

We’re going from this little, tiny house…

…to this not so little, tiny house with LAND!

When I stand outside my current house, I can hear the highway. When I stand outside my new house, I can hear the sound of goats and sheep in the field behind the house.

I like the sound of goats and sheep much, much better.