Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Video's

One of the gifts I got for my birthday was a new camera. YIPPEE! I really wanted a new camera.

Bob, who knows all things electronic and mechanical, got it all set up for me so when I opened it, it was all ready to go. He even left me this message on it.

If you knew him you'd know why this is so funny. He's so deadpan!

Here is another short video of him doing bike tricks last summer. I laugh my head off every time I see it. Make sure you can hear it because the sound is the best.

The X-Birthday

So, today's my birthday. I'm 29 again. The Teenager did the math the other day and said, "Mom, that's just creepy, can you please not be 29 again."

I told him I knew it would get awkward as he caught up with me. Not aging does have a downside. (only one and it's very small)

I got up this morning at the ridiculously early hour of 9:30 and stumbled downstairs for a cup of coffee, only to realize that my children finished off the milk and Sir D used the last of the half and half before he left for work. I was relegated to powdered creamer. Not a good way to start one's birthday.

The thing is, I am excessively tired today as I went to a movie with a friend for my birthday and drank a coke, at 7 at night. What do I think I am, 16? Needless to say I tossed and turned most of the night.

And I had bad dreams. It may have had something to do with the choice of the movie. I won't tell you what it was, but it had a X in it. And it used to be a tv show that I used to watch back when I used to watch things like that, which I don't anymore, expect when they make a move years later and I have to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PEOPLE IN THE SHOW? because clearly, I need to get a life.

And it was as creepy as I was afraid it would be. I don't do creepy anymore. (you know, except where Mulder and Scully are involved)

I think I have decided that since it is my birthday, and I had to start it without a proper cup of coffee, I'm going to stay in bed today.

Yep, not getting up. Unless of course I start having bad dreams again about creepy psycho killers, then I'm going to the most well lit room in my house, and I might suck my thumb a little bit.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

College? Really?

I just got back from taking The Teenager to our local community college and enrolling him. Well, he enrolled himself. He’s a college student now, he does not need his mommy for such things. Though he did need me for the book purchasing portion of this little adventure; I guess in that area, I’ll always be needed.

He still has two years of high school to finish, but he’ll be getting college credit while he does it. Imagine how much college he’ll have already done by the time he really starts college. I can’t help but think how much further I’d have gotten in college if I’d had the opportunity to start in high school.

Yeah, that is totally the reason I didn’t get far in college.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that your offspring have (or are about to) supersede you in smarts. Yikes.

Oh, well. At least he’ll always need me for my money. Except wait, it’s Sir D with the job.

Humm… I make a mean cake?

I can separate laundry like nobodies business?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just what I needed, pictorial evidence.

A couple of things...

1. This evening we are going to get our pictures taken for our church directory.

Excellent. For the next four years, every time I have to look someones number up from my church, I get to be reminded of The Teenager's Mohawk That Made My Head Explode. Yippee!

2. The new Third Day cd came out today and you must go out and buy it. Now. Go ahead, I'll wait....

Done? Good.

3. My house is a stinkin' mess. How does this happen so fast?

4. I took a bunch of 14 year olds of both sexes, to the movies for ds's birthday (which was a few weeks ago). 14 year olds should be their own species.

5. I have no #5, but you can't stop a list at 4, that would just be wrong.

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Only Hair, It's Only Hair, It's Only Hair...

We had an interesting weekend around here. The Teenager decided it was time for a haircut. OH HAPPY DAY! I was getting a little tired of the long shaggy hair. It was 105 degrees here yesterday. If I could cut all my hair off, I’d do it too.

So we all went on our separate ways. The Teenagers went to run some errands and Sir D, Eve and I went to pick up Ann and her friend from a birthday party. We all reconvened at the house in the evening.

Then things went south.

The Teenager came in with his new haircut. It was kinda like this one except the sides were much shorter and the ‘hawk’ portion of this faux hawk was much longer.

My head exploded just a little bit. I got mad and yelled at him, and then he left to go to an appointment. Then I got mad and yelled at Sir D because Sir D was not mad at Will. Then Sir D got mad at me for being mad at him for not being mad at Will. Then Sir D called Will and yelled at him, for making me mad. Then Will was mad Sir D and myself for being mad at him. Oh, it was a beautiful day.

Then we all went to bed mad.

After a great night of tossing and turning, I finally got up at 5 am and had a little conversation with the Lord.

When The Teenager came out of his room I apologized to him. I told him that it was his hair; I should not be concerned with his hair. I told him that in my day kids with mo-hawks were dope smoking, rebellious, punks. I know that is not the case anymore, and I know he is not a dope smoking, rebellious, punk. I did warn him that many other people were going to respond just like I did and not take the time to look at his heart, but make their decisions about him based solely on his hair. If he is going to have hair like that, he is going to have to be prepared for that.

So, I now have a kid with a mo-hawk.

The parenting of teens, it is tricky my friends.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Time seems to pass in fits and starts for me. Sometimes it drags, like when the kids were babies.

I remember when the kids were newborn, under 2, 5 and 8. That year, Ann’s first year, it seemed time could not move any slower. Was that baby ever going to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time? Was Eve ever going to decide she didn’t need to sit on my lap every time I nursed Ann? Was Bob ever going to get that ‘a’ says aaa? And where’d Will go? He was the only kid not giving me trouble.

That year was a study in sleep deprivation on the harried brain. Every day, every minute seemed to drag on just like the one before. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my babies and sometimes fondly look back on those days, but I’d never had two babies before, Eve and Ann were just a year and a half apart. All the other kids had been 3 years apart and it was just downright hard. It didn’t help that Eve did not want to give up her position as baby to her little sister.

But the time did pass, in fact, it seemed to speed up. Now all of a sudden, I have a 17 year old man in my house. He makes many of his own decisions, he has his own social life, he has his own opinions, and his own plans. And he has long hair that I have no control over. (Okay, I know I do actually have control as long as he lives in my house, but hairstyle is not a hill I want to die on) He is starting at the community college on the 25th of August. My time to educate him is just about over. Where did the time go?

Next enter the 14 year old. He too is man sized coming in at just an inch shorter than his brother. He has a deep voice and very little need for his mama. He is a confident young man who can figure out most anything. His sense of direction is second to none. We got a bit lost in downtown Dallas the other day (darn all those one way streets!) and he noticed an obscure parking lot that he parked in when he went to a basketball game with a friend’s family 2 years ago. Once he saw that parking lot, he knew exactly how to get back to the highway! Amazing. Without him in the car I might still be driving in circles in downtown Dallas. Who is this confident, capable young man? Where did the time go?

Then there is Eve, she is only 11, but she looks much older. I don’t have to tell her to take a shower or brush her hair anymore; she actually cares what she looks like. A few nights ago she made dinner for the whole family on her own. It was quite tasty. She is often tinkering in the kitchen making cookies or brownies. She likes to keep her stuff just so and is very studious. What happened to the baby who didn’t want to share my lap with her new sister? Where did the time go?

But I still have my Ann. She is still a little girl. She likes to play with dolls, and be silly and sit on my lap. She likes to be tickled and lets me tuck her in at night. She still wants to hold my hand when we’re in a parking lot or crossing the street. She still lets me do her hair. I don’t know how it happened but somehow I have a house full of almost adults and only one child.

Somehow time sped up. And it’s still going by way too fast. I can see, right out there on the horizon, racing ever closer, the day when they will all be adults. They will all be on their own.

My life, 5 years ago, looked vastly different than my life now, and in 5 years from now it will look different again.

Where did the time go?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Check It Out!

I have a new post up on The Homeschool Review! Go Check it out!

Donald Who?

A few weeks ago Sir D and I went out to dinner with two guys from Sir D’s office and their wives. And can I just say these people (two of them anyway) look so YOUNG. It really made me feel old. But me feeling old is not the point of this post.

So were sitting there and the men are talking work stuff and the women are talking fashion. I think I would have fared better in the work discussion. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination.

One of the women, well call her woman A, asked woman B and myself what our fashion weaknesses are, you know purses, shoes, clothes? Woman B said shoes and they said all sorts of names I’ve never heard of. Donald something, Jimmy somebody, it was all lost on me.

Then woman A asked me, point blank what my weakness was. Um…well…I don’t really; I mean I’m not really…

Can anyone say awkward?

I don’t have a thing! I mean, I love bags, but they don’t come with anyone’s name attached to them. I do have a documented shoe problem, but again, no one’s name is attached to my shoes, and really it’s mostly a collection of really sad flip flops.

Since that conversation I’ve been thinking about what my weakness is. What do I splurge on? The answer my friends, it is telling.

Books and homeschooling curriculum.

I am a hopeless dork.

Can you imagine the conversation stopper that would have been? “Well, I’m not big into shoes or purses, but what I wouldn’t give to buy the newest version of Rosetta Stone language software and I absolutely can’t wait for the new Susan May Warren book!”


Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am at a loss for words.

It is a bit cooler thanks to Dolly, but sadly the few degree drop is more than made up for by the giant leap in humidity, but we're not going to talk about the weather for the third day in a row.

I have about 10 loads of laundry to do. I'm avoiding it.

I have many, many decisions to make regarding school next year. Not curriculum decisions, that is already done, bought and paid for. It's mostly scheduling and extra curricular activities. I don't want to think about that either.

I really need to make a few appointments; hair cut, eye doctor, check-up's for the kids. I don't want to.

I think I have Scarlett O'Hara Syndrome--"I'll think about it tomorrow." ...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At least I don't live on the Gulf Coast.


Hi 101
Lo 80
Humidity 63%

Partly Cloudy

Because that is not bad enough, I am going to go to Walmart to go grocery shopping. I am a glutton for punishment. I guess the upside is the kids will stop stomping around the kitchen and wining about the lack of food.

And they have ice cream Walmart.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why do we live here again?

Texas in the summer.


Hi 103
Lo 80
Humidity 53%

Mostly Clear

If the blog goes silent you'll know it is because I spontaneously burst in to flames. Let me tell you, 53% humidity makes 103 feel like 200.

I feel the need to also point out that we hit our low at 3 am for approximately 2.3 seconds.

I was standing outside talking to a friend from my Bible Study at 10:30pm and sweating. It was still 91 outside at 10:30 pm.

Sir D says we should go become missionaries in Bangladesh. We are already acclimated for it.

Today I'm hiding inside and praying for an early Fall.

(please forgive the lack of actual paragraphs in favor of random and somewhat unrelated statements. It's hard to think straight when it's so hot)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday morning, we attended Field Church, Soccer Field Church to be specific. In Soccer Field Church we worship Pele, the god of Soccer.

Oh, I kid. We did not worship Pele. We just screamed like a bunch of lunatics at a lot of big kid’s running back and forth on a field chasing a little black and white ball from 7:30 AM to 9AM, because that is much more sane than worshiping the god Pele.

As you may have guessed The Teenager had a tournament. They did not win, but I am told this is okay because the purpose was not so much to win but for the coach to see them play together so he knows what to work on in practice and what position to put the new guys.

Interesting. I’m pretty sure the kids thought the point was to win and they were pretty bummed that they didn’t.

I have learned a few things yesterday during my first outing as a Soccer Mom.

By the time your kids get to teenagerdom and your still a soccer mom, you’re serious about soccer.

You can only successfully cheer for your teenager if you have some level of understanding of the rules of soccer.

It is not a good idea to yell your teenager’s childhood nickname while cheering.

Keep a close eye on your very curious 9 year old, or she might possibly pepper the line judge with questions about the intricacies of his job and disrupt the game.

The ruby red soccer cleats that you may or may not have made fun of, will make it quite a bit easier to locate your teenager. (Can you locate my teenager? Look for the ruby red slippers soccer cleats)

Always, always go to the bathroom before you get to Soccer Field Church so you don’t have to visit the Port-a-potty’s. EEEWWWW!

If I tried to play soccer in my current less-than-physically-fit state, I’d probably die, right there on the field. Man those kids are in shape!

In Texas in July it can get up to 90 degrees before 9 am.

Shade is golden.

I totally need this book.

Neither of these boys are my son, but isn’t that a cool photo Ann took? (He is in the background though, look for the splash of red near the feet.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisions.

Remember this post from last month? Well, the decision has been made.

Dave and I prayed and talked. I wrung my hands and worried and vacillated. One day this was the best thing to do, the next day that was the better choice.


Sir D was kind and understanding and had many encouraging words for me, like “Oh, good grief! Just make a decision already!”

That may seem harsh but I do have a bit of a tendency to over think things just a bit.


I will not be teaching at co op next year. To most of you this is not life altering. But it was a hard decision for me. By teaching I can easily afford to pay for my kids classes. If I don’t teach I have to be very careful about how many classes I sign the kids up for and they don’t get to take some of the classes they want.

But the thing is, I like teaching my book club classes. I LOVE picture books in particular and children’s literature in general. But the reality is, it was taking too much time away from my own family and homeschool.

With Sir D working so much lately at the new job and one going off to Community College in the fall, well, I just feel like my focus needs to be at home.

I told the director yesterday and someone else is going to take over my classes. I am equal parts relived and sad. But now that the decision is made I feel a bit more peaceful.

So there you go, I know you were all waiting with baited breath to find out what was going on in my little world.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vanity, I have no time for you!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to get my highlights re done. The roots were beginning to show and we all know that is not attractive.

I called up the one and only decent hair place in my little suburb and asked for the best color lady. They made me an appointment with Brittney.

I should have known all was not going to end well when I heard my hair lady’s name was Brittney. Not that it is not a perfectly nice name, but with the whole Brittney Spears debacle, it just does not inspire confidence. It also makes me think she is probably fresh out of beauty school.

I was correct on both counts.

I got there at 5 till 1. My appointment was at 1. At about 1:05 Brittney came out and said she was running a bit behind and she’d we with me in a few minutes.

No problem, I brought a book, I am a patient person.

At 1:35 my patience ran out.

I walked up to the reception desk and asked her if she could please tell Brittney I could not wait any longer.

So I spent over half an hour sitting in a hair salon not getting my hair done. I really need to get my hair done! Why oh why did I get it highlighted in the first place? It seemed like a good idea at the time. My sister, my aunt and I were out for a day of beauty and I thought why not? Well now I know why not. Maintenance! I hate maintenance! Who has time to get one’s roots done? Especially if one has to wait at least half an hour before the process even begins.

I think I’m going to Walmart and buying a bottle of my natural color and dying it back. Honestly, the idea was to help the grey blend. I don’t care if the grey blends anymore. I say let the grey have its way with my head. I don’t have time for the alternative!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, the best laid plans and all that…

I had planned to do a post on my Eve, baby photos and all, because she was really an adorable baby. She was the only one of my children to have a dimple. A dimple and all those fat rolls! (why is it that dimples and fat rolls are no longer adorable when you’re an adult?)

But sadly, life got in the way. My scanner was uncooperative and all her baby photos are in the form of actual hold-in-your-hand photos. So you’ll have to make do with these two, which were for some reason, in digital form on my computer. Is she not the cutest?


Yesterday was quite busy, I had lots of shopping to do for Eve’s family birthday party. And I had to get the girls to their play practice.

She picked sloppy Joe's and cheetoes for dinner. Not the healthiest but at least it was easy to cook. She choose Angel Food Cake and strawberries for dessert.

Then she opened her gifts which were jewelry and chocolate from her brothers, a vase with flowers from her sister and a small backpack filled with cool pens and paper, and High School Musical DVD’s (1 & 2) and the HSM CD’s (1 & 2)from Sir D and I. And by the way, the play the girls are in? You guessed it; High School Musical.

I think I’m High School Musical’d out!

She also got chocolate in the bag, cool new (not kiddie, per her request) big white sunglasses and a new watch (also not kiddie, per her request).

After we opened gifts we played her favorite game, Take Two or Speed Scrabble.

There were many other things that happened yesterday but I won’t bore you with the details. It was just a busy day. I did not get to take Eve to lunch like I wanted to, but we’ll do it sometime next week.

Today I’m off to get my gray covered hair nicely highlighted. Frailty they name is woman.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Post Up

I have a new post up on The Homeschool Review.

Go check it out!

My Little Viking

Today I am taking 6 little girls and 1 mother in law to the Kit movie. Then we’re going to go out for ice cream. Then we’re going to the pool.

We are doing this all because my first daughter is turning 11 tomorrow. She is inching ever closer to the teen years and I am really not happy about that.

This time of year is always a bit tough for me. We have birthdays on 7-5. 7-16. 7-31, and 8-10. And one of those birthdays is mine. Funny how when you’re a kid you wish your birthday would hurry up and when you’re older you wish your birthday away.

I remember being pregnant with Eve. I had two rambunctious boys and they were the only grandchildren on my husband’s side of the family. He is one of 4 boys. When I found out Eve was a girl, we were thrilled and a little nervous at the same time. I mean what on earth would our girl look like? Sir D’s side of the family certainly had the dominant genes as both my boys looked exactly like their dad. I was a bit frightened. I mean, Sir D comes from good old Viking stock and have you seen pictures of Viking ladies? Yikes!

My sister in law was pregnant at about the same time I was. She did not find out what they were having so while we were wringing our hands at our Viking girl, they were blissfully unaware. When their daughter was born, Sir D and I raced down to the hospital to see the first girl in the family.

And dogonnit if that girl did not look just like HER MOTHER! No help there, we were destined to wait until our girl was born to see if she was going to come out with the family forehead, enormous shoulders and the infamous scowl. (all handsome on a boy, not so attractive on a girl).

Well, as you can see from her photo, she is beautiful! It is amazing how God can create a girl to look just like her dad and still be feminine and beautiful.

And now she’s 11.

Tomorrow, on her actual birthday, I’ll show you photo’s of her as a baby and toddler. She was the most adorable baby and toddler ever!

But for now, I must gear up for seven silly girls for the day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just in case any of you wondered, it would take approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes to drive to the nearest cool place from where I live.

I have looked at topographic maps, I have looked at temperature maps and I have looked at highway maps.

Unless we sprout wings, it will take us at least 10 hours to get to cool.

I can’t tell you how sad this makes me feel.

I think I have SAD except it’s summer that makes me depressed.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here, There and Everywhere.

Saturday, 8:30 am on the Hilltop.


Sir D has already left for work, expecting me to follow in about an hour to help with some office organization and cleaning.

I am still hiding under the covers, trying to decide why it’s so light and loud on the other side of my quilt.

Bob: Mom, C invited me to go on a mountain bike ride with him and Uncle C, I told them I couldn’t go because I have to watch the girls while you’re at Daddy’s shop, so Uncle C said the girls could stay at their house and play with E while the boys are riding, Auntie S will watch them.

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Will: Mom, I’m leaving for soccer practice at 11, but I’m going to run the kids to Uncle C’s now. Be back in a minute.

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Eve: (said in a panicky voice) But MOOOOOM, I’m supposed to go with H ice skating at 1. I can’t go to E’s house.

Will: Well, you can’t stay here all morning by yourself.

Eve: Could you drop me off at H’s house when you leave for soccer practice? I’ll call her and see if I can come a little early. Is that okay Mom?

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Will: Mom, I’m going to take Bob and Ann to Uncle C’s house. Eve, I’ll take you to H’s on the way to soccer practice.

Everyone: Cool!

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

They totally don’t need me anymore.

Friday, July 11, 2008

One Down, One To Go

Yesterday I got one of The Teenagers back. He came home a 9 pm last night 2 inches taller and 30 decibels louder.

I told him that is why we don’t feed him as much as they do at camp. I can’t afford the clothing if he keeps growing at this rate, and also, I reminded him he will not have to talk over 300 kids at home so perhaps he could DIAL IT DOWN A NOTCH.

Oh, I jest.

I did miss The Teenagers and I will sleep well tonight after I pick up The Other Teenager; content that all my little ones, no matter how tall they have become, are in their proper spots.

And don't forget to go check out my new Homeschooling Site!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Something New!

So, anyone notice anything different? New? Perhaps a, oh I don’t know, button? There on the right under the Word of God?

Yes! That’s the one!

I have started a new site! It is a homeschool review site where I’ll…yep, you guessed it! Review Homeschooling stuff! (I’m all about the understated and metaphorical)

So go check it out! And while you’re there grab the button and stick it on your site and help me spread the word!

I have my first review up today, go check it out!

Whoo Hoo! I’m so excited!

Just another evening on the Hilltop.

The boys must give me a lot of fodder, because since they have been gone I have hit a bit of a dry spell on the old blog.

I have nothing to write about.

I mean, yesterday I confessed to the whole World Wide Web that I have a bit of a problem with speed (in the car not the drug! Good grief, people! Clean up your minds! Oh, no one thought that but me? Whoops.)

Please hold on while I rapidly and without warning, change subjects.

Last night Sir D called on his way home from work and asked if I wanted to go to a Rangers game.

“Now?” I ask

“Yes, now. No one used the tickets so I have 4 we can use. It’s a bit cooler out right now since it rained a bit and the girls will love it.” Has he met our daughters?

“Sure, I say”

While I try to mentally gear up for a loud Rangers game when I thought I’d be staying home in my quiet, air conditioned house the girls ran gleefully around getting ready.

It was not so much the Rangers playing that was drawing them as the later bedtime.

Once Sir D got home, he mentioned that It was still raining in Arlington (he works close to the stadium) so I’d better check if the game was still going on.

Nope, rain delay.

So instead of going to a Rangers game we all got in the car went and bought ice cream and a slushy for the non dairy girl and drove around our little town. We saw the two houses we once owned, sadly they’d seen better days, like the days we lived in them.

The girls watched a video (yes, I mean video, the big black kind of ye olden days) in the car while Sir D and I ate ice cream and talked about the days of yore.

Not a Ranger game, but I think I liked it better all things considered. Now had we been talking about tickets to see a Cowboy game and it got rained out, well, that would have been a whole different matter. And anyway, the Cowboys play in the rain.

Wimpy Rangers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.
- Dudley Moore

This quote was on my homepage to day. It cracked me up. Sadly it is so true.

I must admit I am a bit of a speeder. I find the speed limit to be monotonous. I hate monotony. And anyway, this is DFW; you take your life into your hands if you plan to drive the speed limit.

We have a very detailed system here. The far left lane is for serious speeders; those who will run you over if you are in their way. I believe these people are pilots who are on their way home from DFW airport and have been flying a plane and can’t stand how SLOW cars are.

The next lane over is for recreational speeders. We just want to go a little over the speed limit because 65? Really?

Then there is the drive the speed limit lane. These are law abiding, letter of the law people; or those who cannot get another ticket without being arrested or having their insurance carrier drop them. Poor souls.

Then there is the slow lane. This lane frightens me. It is full of grandma’s and grandpa’s who are frightened of speed. They consistently drive under the speed limit. Can you imagine? Sadly, this is the lane everyone must pass through to get to the faster lanes when entering the highway. It’s like playing Frogger, trying to leap from the geriatric lane to the faster lanes.

The thing is, while I drive a bit fast. I haven’t gotten a ticket in about 15 years. I have always driven old clunker cars that do not appear to go fast. Then I got the 12 passenger van. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidently sped past a cop doing traffic and they do a double take at their little speed detector, smack it, and shake their heads and go back to watching the traffic. They simply did not believe that my white box on wheels was capable of speed.

The times have changed however. I now drive a big beast of a car. It exudes power. It’s loud and big and beautiful. It screams ‘I can go faster than you!’

I no longer look like I am incapable of speed. I have a bad feeling about this.
I am going to have to slow down. Or perhaps put a sticker of a cop car on my rear view mirror or before I know it, I’ll have to drive in the non speeding lane with the other poor souls.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

Family relations can be tricky.

I feel like I have post traumatic stress disorder.

And that’s all I’m saying about that.

They're gone again!

We celebrated the birthday, The Teenagers have left for camp, the mama has gone, and the 4th is over.

I do believe I am going to stay in bed for the rest of the week and recuperate. Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, I really must clean my bedroom. It is a wreck. It has become The Stashing Place.

Don’t know where it goes? Don’t have time to deal with it? Need to hide it so people won’t think we live in a pig sty? Put it in mom’s room! That is our motto. So now that I only have to deal with the social lives of the girls, I might get a minute this week to clean it up.

While I do jest about the boys being gone, I have to admit I don’t like it. I think it is a little easier than last year when they both went for the first time and Will had his jaw wired shut. This time I just sent him with poison ivy and his Prednisone to keep it from spreading all over his body like it does EVERY TIME he comes in contact with it.

Somehow, with Will’s 17th birthday just being weeks away, I am starting to think this feeling of ‘not-right-ness’ that a mother feels with her kids are gone is going to be something I just have to get used too. Is that how empty nesters feel? Just weird all the time? I was fine until bedtime. I always go check on everyone; shut doors make sure fans are on or off depending on the time of year, etc. It just feels so wrong to go to bed and not have my boys in their beds. Though I will say, this morning was nice and quite!

And on a completely different note; I have something new in the works. A little bloggity excitement! So check back later!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lovely List Format


My mom is coming for a visit.

We have a huge 4th of July celebration to go to (and help out with) on Friday.

The Teenager is having sign-up’s for the Select soccer team he wants to join. I do believe we are all going to take a little 45 minute drive down to the practice area on Saturday.

This Saturday is also The Other Teenager’s 14th birthday (how the heck did that happen?)

I have to get my Mom to my Sisters on Sunday and The Teenagers leave for Church Camp.

Sometime in there I will need to go through The Teenagers bags to make sure they brought more than candy and sports magazines with them to camp; you know, throw some fresh undies and a toothbrush in their bags.

I have to do all those things while feeding and generally taking care of a family.

You may not see me much around the blog until Monday.

Go forth and enjoy your liberties and God Bless America!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


They say confession is good for the soul.

I have a confession to make. There is something in my life that is consuming me. Seriously. It is eating me alive.

A book.

Not a book I’m reading, but one I am trying to write.

I have several stories in my head and If I don’t get them out, well, they might just take up residence in my brain and have a little party. That won’t leave much room for anything else.

So I am endeavoring to get one of those stories out on paper.

I’ve gotten the outline done and I’m 3000 words into the book.

Perhaps I’ll finish before my children need to be educated again or my husband runs out of clean laundry.

Perhaps not. But I am determined to finish. Even if the book is subpar, mediocre, bad even. I must get it done.

Feel free to ask how it’s going. I will probably need the encouragement. I will NOT give up until it’s done!

Or school starts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why was I looking forward to summer?

Will, Bob and Bob’s friend got up at 8 am and left for the local lake/water park with the youth group. Eve and Ann cleaned their room and did their chores while I spent hours gulping coffee and trying to wake up cleaned my room.

Ann went to the skating rink with a friend and Eve and I went to the bank, the homeschool store and Wal-mart.

Eve and I spent hours at Wal-mart buying enough groceries to maybe last the night, thought it cost millions and took hours to accomplish.

I dropped Eve off at the pool with a friend and spent even more hours unloading millions of dollars worth of groceries into the house. Then I unloaded the bags onto the table, then I cried put them away, then I drank a shot of whiskey coke zero as my reward.

I enjoyed my quiet house for 4.3 seconds until Ann was dropped off at home. I fell asleep on the couch while Ann was telling me ALL ABOUT THE SKATING AND THE SNACKS AND THE MUSIC AND THE SKATING.

Shortly after I got Ann busy watching tv with a very educational and edifying activity, the boys walked in the house, dripping wet, hungry and overheated.

The three of them ate every last piece of food I bought at Wal-mart.

Eve was dropped off at home from the pool and the bonus boy was picked up.

Will went off to play soccer with his selected team. Eve, Ann and I ate the few crumbs that were left over.

Bob, Eve and Ann were sent to bed.

Will is still playing soccer.

Sir D and I are sitting here staring at the walls and drooling.

Tomorrow, we’ll do it all again.

Whoo hoo! Summer’s so fun.

It is possible there is a bit too much sarcasm and exaggeration in this post. Perhaps it was over the top…I never know.