Friday, May 10, 2013

The End Of Our Homeschool Year And The Beginning of Summer

 We had our Homeschool Co Op Open House last night. It’s always nice to see the culmination of all the students’ hard work throughout the year.

There are some extremely talented kids our co op. There was beautiful art on the walls, a demonstration of the Waltz, English Country Dance, and good ol’ fashioned Country Line Dancing as well (this is Texas after-all)  put on by the Dancing Through Time Class. The band played, the little kids played their recorders, the bigger kids played string instruments, and the Show Tunes classes each did a scene from their plays. Truly amazing group of kids we have.

The Spanish Classes sang songs in Spanish, there were science projects on display, engineering marvels made from K’nex on display from the Jr. Engineers class, and an induction into the Honor Society. Then the regular folks like me had various things on display to show what we do in our classes. I had some picture books out as well as some of the illustrations my little kids did, and some of my Creative Writing student’s stories out for parents to see.

It was a great night. It was a fun night. It was an exhausting night. I loved it. I’m glad it’s over.

Today our official summer begins, so I made up some goodie bags to kick off the summer fun. (Both girls have 2 subjects they will be working on throughout the summer, but we’ll not talk about that now.)
I found these cute little bags at Walmart. They were pretty inexpensive at $5 a bag. They’re the prefect size to throw a towel, sunglasses, and some sunscreen into and head to the pool.

I put a few summer goodies into the bags. Things you need to survive a summer in Texas like sunscreen, chap stick, cocoa butter lotion, (because nothing smells like summer more that cocoa butter) and Visine for pool eyes.

Then I threw in a few fun things like silly string (because, HELLO! CELEBRATE! IT’S SUMER!!) a beach ball for pool volleyball, a cute tank top,  some nail polish, remover, and emery boards (it’s very important to keep those toenails looking nice during Flip-Flop season!) and last but not least, their favorite snack cake treat. For Ev it’s Zebra Cakes and for Annika it’s fried pies.

Summer has begun!


Only one daughter is pictured here with her summer fun things… the other is still in her bed. At 11:00. Because it’s summer and she can.