Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Annika is doing her science fair project on Dog Paw Preference. Can you help? Can you do these 4 simple tests with your dog and send me the results? We need as many test subjects as we can get. If you can help out don't forget to tell me your dogs name along with the results of the 4 tests. 


Here is a video example of what we are looking for...

Ways to test paw preference…

· Have your dog "shake", notice which paw your dog offers most often.

· Give your dog a puzzle treat toy. Place it directly in the center of your dog's line of vision (not off to the left or right side) and see which paw your dog first touches the toy with and which paw he uses most often to hold the treat toy.

· Put a small piece of tape on your dog's snout and see which paw he uses to remove it.

· Place a treat or a toy under the sofa just out of your dog's reach and see which paw he uses to try to grab for it.

Here is a video of how to do the tests. If you can, in the comments tell me the name of your dog and the results of the test. THANKS!