Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sometimes, You Win.

We've been having a little trouble with sneakiness from our almost 14 year old daughter. Nothing big, just sneaking stuff into bed after bed time and texting when she is not supposed to be. We've had some 'talking too's' and taking stuff away etc, but when Dave found Ev writing in her notebook (that she passes back and forth with a friend) and listening to her ipod LONG after she'd been sent to bed, again, we knew it was time for something different. Dave told her she had to write a report for him on how sneakiness effects trust in a relationship. I think she got it.

Report for dad:

Recently I have been charged with the task of writing a report about how ‘sneakiness effects trust in a relationship’, because I have been caught in such an act. So this is my payment for my disobedience. Enjoy.

Obedience has always been a problem for me. It is, likely for other people as well, but only my obedience /disobedience applies (directly) to me. For some people obedience may be harder than for others, for various reasons. But we all know we should obey, one way or another. The way we act on that thought shows if we really care that we need to obey, shows self-control, if we want to do what’s right and be who God wants us to be. I have definitely learned that I need to obey and should work harder at it because God wants us to obey because Jesus first obeyed him. I will tell you a story to prove it (sadly this is a true story).

Once upon a time, there was a girl who got into bed one night, and laid there for a moment. She decided she would not be able to fall asleep for at least the next hour (Which was probably not true, she didn’t even try; this is where it all went wrong…), so she took out the notebook that she and her friend shared and started writing. No more than about 20 minutes later, her father walks in, takes the notebook, and says “You’re not doing this right. Then she went to bed.

And her father was absolutely right. This girl knew when her parents told her to go to bed, she should do it right away, not piddle around and write in notebooks. She learned that the way she acts affects the trust in the relationship she has with her parents, and God. She learned that she needs to obey her parents because Jesus first obeyed God, in dying for our sins. If she is striving to be in the image of Jesus, then she needs to do as He did, and obey. So she will work hard every day to do what her parents say, and become exactly who God wants her to be.

P.S. She also learned that writing a paper on the subject of disobedience is a good way to learn the lesson, even if it is a punishment.

Sorry dad.

Love you,

And get a win.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Spot

This was my spot last weekend.

Well, there and here...

While I was there, I watched this...
Yes, that is two grown men pulling another grown man in a kayak while laughing hysterically.

And this is what happens when an man sized boy tries to lay on a hammock strung up by a 12 year old girl. This also made me laugh uproariously.

And this made me sing the nursery rhyme Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men in a Tub.
And this made me smile. I will try to picture this lovely view when those two take to bickering again.