Monday, May 17, 2010


I graduated my first child this weekend. It is hard to believe. When I started homeschooling him, that little blond headed, blue eyed bundle of mischief, 2010 seemed like an eternity away. But it flew by.

I have so many thoughts flying around in my head about this milestone. How blessed I've been to be able to homeschool, chief among them. Truly. Some days were hard, yes. Some days I wanted to throw in the towel. Some days I really did wonder why I was doing this weird thing called homeschooling. I wondered why God called me to this thing. But then I got to this point. And I heard these things from my boy. And I realized that his childhood is over. He is going out into the world now.

18 years seems like an eternity looking forward. But when looking back, it seems like a vapor.

Hearing 'Thank you for being kind and patient with me, Mom. I couldn't have asked for anything better' is the closest thing to 'well done, good and faithful servant' I'll hear this side of eternity, I think.


Here are a few highlights from Graduation day.

Here is my boy and his graduation cake.

This is the table we had set up for him. It's basically a photo of him doing one of his favorite things, like firefighting or motorcycle riding, or bicycling, or playing soccer and then an item to go along with it, like his riding boots, or firefighting helmet or his bicycle gloves, you get the idea.

These are the boys that graduated together.

I think they're pretty excited. I think they're ready to face the world!

But the question is...

Is the world ready for them?

(Watch this till the end when they walk out. Don't worry, it's short.)


Heidi said...

Tricia~ That is SO NEAT! I loved the videos. It looks like it was such a nice ceremony. I'm proud of you!

Debbie said...

You must be so proud! Congrat's to both of you! That was a very creative end to the ceremony. They will probably laugh about that for years.

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! I love the last video!

Congratulations to you Mama! You did it!

Wendy62 said...

Way cool! Congrats!....My oldest is graduating this weekend....I'm already in tears! ;-)