Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know I should really finish my Colorado Vacation stories. That was not hte end. There were several other blog worthy events that happened. The thing is, it makes me a little melancholy to think about it all. That was vacation, and it was cool and pretty. Now, it's school and hot and ugly.

Texas in September. Its a hard time. We're so stinkin' sick of the heat and humidity. School has started, people are calling it 'Fall' but really, there's no change. It's still hot and humid, the only difference is that you can't spend all day at the pool anymore.

And speaking of school. Annika is taking a quilting class at our homeschool co op this year. These are the fabrics she picked. Her theme is apples and polka dots. I can't wait to see the finished product!

The yellow fabric is the main fabric.

I better wrap this up now, I have these kids, and they need to be 'educated' and since it's 'Fall' I guess I should get to it.

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cuponklipper said...

*grumble*grumble* No fun at the pool. On a happy note, I LOVE her fabric choices! I really wanted to put my oldest one in there but thought she needed a bit more machine experience first. Lovely!