Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, can you stand one more ‘woe is me, my children are growing up’ post? No. Okay, I promise, I’ll keep it light.

Bryce started EMT/Fire Academy yesterday. By the end of May he’ll be completely certified and ready to hire on to a department. Which is weird because he’s only 5. He’s still just a cute little blond thing wearing Osh Kosh overalls and playing on a fire engine…

Sigh, I guess that was a while ago.

Gunnar is swift on his heels. His classes at the community college started today and the minute he turns 18, he’ll be at the EMT/Fire Academy as well.

This is a fun and exciting stage for a momma to watch. It’s hard and bittersweet to watch your babies grow up, but it’s also exciting. They both stand there with their feet on the edge, their wings fully outstretched, their bodies teetering, any minute now they’ll sail off from my nest. I can’t go with them, I can only watch. Do momma birds get to yell directions from the nest? I shall have to research this.

I couldn’t be prouder of my boys. Really. I suppose if they have to grow up into men, they are at least doing a good job of it. I hear all the time of their hard work, their willingness to help, their kindness to others, and occasionally their inclination to do donuts in the church parking lot late at night. But we’ll forgive that last part.


Halfmoon Girl said...

...and hear I am feeling badly for myself because my baby turns 6 in 2011. For some reason, i have always disliked my kids getting older than 5! Sounds like you are turning out some great men there. I remember when their goal was to geta driver's license. Time flies!

Nikki said...

I was crying a couple weeks ago because my baby lost her first tooth. I can't imagine what your season of motherhood must feel like. Bittersweet, I am sure!

I've enjoyed looking around your blog this evening!

jlsgrant said...

I know you must be a proud momma! They do grow up too fast! (I know it's cliche, but true.) I awarded you the Stylish Blog Award! You can see the post at:

G-MaKittymax said...

You know I heard that being a fireman is one of the happy job you can have. I am so proud of all my grandkids, Tricia & Dave your the best. I know you must be busting with pride to see what you have helped create in your kids, & what good for the world they will be doing. G-MaKittymax