Sunday, July 21, 2013


Here’s the truth: I’m not a morning person.

This is not going to be a surprise to anyone who knows me. I wake up slowly. It just takes me a while. Always has. Added to my already slow pace in the morning is the fact that I am now always achy and stiff, thank you autoimmune disorder.

What this means is no breakfast for my crew; especially my early out the door sons and husband.  I feel guilty about that. Every now and then I’ll find something that will help out and make me feel less guilty about my slothful morning ways.

I’ve seen a few breakfast sandwich ideas on Pinterest lately and thought I’d try my hand at making some. I tweaked the ideas I'd seen a bit, and I think the men are going to like the result.

I bought the already sliced, thin, bagels at Costco, and pre cooked bacon. We already had lots of sliced cheese, and I already had lots of eggs. Now I will take a minute and add this is actual cheese, sliced. Not the nasty, American, fake cheese. I can’t stand that stuff. Bleck. (I’ll drink and like $6 Champagne, but can’t stand cheep cheese. Go figure)

I cooked the eggs in muffin cups. I’m going to have to work on this. The eggs are too small and thick for the bagel sandwiches. I cut them in half which is an okay solution, but I’d prefer to find something to cook them in that would make them larger and skinnier. Thoughts?

Then I assembled the sandwiches, packed them in Ziplock bags and added a slip of paper with the type of sandwich, and  instructions on how to cook them, (because, remember, I’m going to be sound asleep when the men try to reheat them).

Early tomorrow morning, we’ll see how they liked them! Well, okay, I’ll probably find out sometime mid morning.

I figure these breakfast bagels cost about $1.00 each. That's kind of high, but the big expense was the pre cooked bacon. That was $14 at Costco. It was a large amount and I'll have some left, but still that's a lot for bacon. I will use some Canadian Bacon next time too and that will be less expensive.

Even at $1 each I still feel like it's a good deal. They run somewhere around $3 at fast food places, so that's a fair savings, and they'd be very greasy and filled with who-knows-what. Also, these are large sandwiches. Those are regular sized sandwich bags. The ones you get at the restaurants are smaller. 

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