Thursday, February 22, 2007

The co op day blues...

Today is co op day. Co op day makes me tired. I teach two children's Literature Classes. One to grades K-2nd and the other to grades 4th-6th. I love it but it absolutely wears me out.

I leave my house at about 7:45. (one main reason I homeschool is so I don't have to get out the door that early! What was I thinking teaching a 1st hour class???) I get home around 1:30. This may not seem like a lot, but with Fibromyalgia, it takes a toll. I usually spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, resting. Then I go back and pick up B at 4.

Today we read Robert McCloskey's Time to Wonder in my little kids class. What a great book. It is a bit long for this age, but the pictures are fantastic! The kids really liked how he painted wind, something we can't ever see in real life. I love seeing these little guys light up at a great story!

In my big kids class we just finished The Bridge by Jerri Massi, We'll be moving on the 2nd book in the series next week.

I love teaching these classes, but I hate how it wears me out. I really wanted to teach a High School Literature Class next year but dh asked me not too. :o( I know he is right, just these two take so much out of me. I hate being so limited.

Tomorrow will be better, It'll be Friday after all!
Off to take a nap before I have to make dinner...

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Jenny in Ca said...

that does sound tiring! I haven't read "a time to wonder" i will go look for it. The author is a familiar one.

what neat memories your kids will have of you teaching at the co-op!

I hope you get your rest!!