Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stealing my Joy…

This Saturday Sir D and his Brother D are going to pick up our new RV. I should be excited…I should be Joyful. I am not.

Summer is coming. School will be done. I should be Joyful. I am not.

The first Teenager is inching up on adult hood. Soon he will be 18. He will be a man. Most of my work will be done…I should be joyful. I am not. There are things stealing my joy.

For one, the economy. Sir D and I have been saving for the last two years for this RV. We are ready. We are prepared. But the thing is the economy is scary right now. People are losing jobs, losing their houses, times are really tough. Sir D is not in danger of losing his job, but the economy is definitely having an effect on our bottom line. We are not in danger of losing our house, but there is something about having a cushion. I like a big cushion. We are about to spend some of our big cushion and then it will be a little cushion. Little cushions steal my joy.

I should be thrilled about summer coming. The thing is, we have more school left to do than we have school year left to do it in. This happens every year and I freak out about it every year and the earth does not stop spinning, but it steals my joy.

I need summer. I need to focus on my house and scour everything in it and put everything back in its place and organize and clean and clean and clean! I NEED summer, but I am not ready for school to be done! We have not done enough. Joy…being stolen.

Then there is The Teenager…who got yet another speeding ticket. *sigh* The Teenager is stressing me out. We’re working on a little Reality Discipline here on the Hilltop. When you’re 10 and you leave your bike out (repeatedly) and it gets stolen, Reality Discipline means you must earn the $ for another one. Your parents don’t bail you out.

When your almost 18 and you’ve gotten 3 tickets in less than a year it means you must start paying for your own insurance and thus you must get a job and you get to spend less time on school which the Mom/Teacher thinks is not a good thing. But the Mom/Teacher is not always the one making the decisions. The Dad/Principal gets to weigh in on this one. Again with the joy stealing.

So we’re looking for a little Joy here in the Hilltop. I think I am going to look up all the Joy verses. I am going to find something funny to watch on the TV tonight. I am going to read the funnies. I need to laugh.

Got a good joke? Lay it on me…please.


rainydaymichele said...

Oh, (((Tricia))). I am praying for you, fellow homeschooling mother of teenage boys. They are the reason we have gray hair. ;) Praying your joy is restored and your day blessed.

Tonya said...

My 3 year old was funny yesterday. After repeated requests for a cupcake and being told he couldn't have until he ate his lunch, he stole some frosting. Came downstairs with the signs all over his cute face. When I asked him if he had had some cupcake he solemnly shook his head "no". When I told him the signs were all over his face he told me "but I licked it off!!"

Is that funny? ;-) Did you smile a little bit?

Halfmoon Girl said...

I taught my two little ones about the armour of God a few days ago, then we went shopping. Little M was fussing, and his 6 year old brother turned to him, and said, M, you forgot to put on your shoes of peace!" So, that is a good reminder to you and me both. Hang in there, my friend!