Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want some cheese with that?

I've been a little absent from the Hilltop lately. I don't exactly know why. I think it may have something to do with the whole 'if you don't have something nice to say...' thing.

Everywhere is bad news, everywhere is sadness and frustration and pain. Generally, people read blogs to find the funny, the lighthearted. Things haven't been so funny or lighthearted here on the hilltop lately so I've kept it to myself.

Nothing earth shattering or tragic...just frustrating.

I've been on some new meds for my newly discovered and thought to be many other things in the past illness; Sjogren's Syndrome. When I was finally given a definitive diagnosis and a treatment I was almost euphoric. FINALLY! I didn't' realize just how much hope I was placing on that one little pill...that is not working.

What it is doing is effecting my immune system. In the 2 and a half months I have been taking the little pill that is not helping my pain, I have had 3 head colds, 2 24 hour stomach viruses and an infection requiring antibiotics. The thing is, I NEVER get sick. I just don't catch stuff or get infections. The last time I can remember having any sort of infection was a kidney infection during my pregnancy with Will 17 years ago. As for the virus! SHEESH! I have had more illnesses in the last 2 months than I have had in the last 2 years.

I might almost be able to tolerate it if the meds were working, but so far...nothing. I still have a great deal of pain. I was in so much pain last week that I was limping along leaning on my grocery cart at Walmart like an 80 year old. I was going so slowly that I was overtaken and passed by the grandpa in the motorized cart!

So see? That's why the posts have been a little infrequent. I am trying to be positive and not be a whiner. Who wants to hang out with a whiner and I don't really want to run off my 2 regular readers.

On the up side (because please let there be an upside somewhere!) I think we may have found our RV! It is not the one Sir D really wanted but it's a nice second choice and it's cheaper which I am all for!

I'll keep you updated on our RV search and soon, hopefully, I'll have photos to show you of our new house on wheels!


Halfmoon Girl said...

oh no Tricia. I didn't realize that the meds weren't helping. Are you still doing your food restrictions diet? Does that make any difference? Praying for you and your pain.

Tonya said...

You hide the pain well. I had no clue you were hurting that much when I saw you last week - IRL. Wow, how weird to see you for real!!! :-) Thanks for letting us invade your house for a bit.

Tricia said...

Jane - Yes and no. I am cutting way back on sugar and carbs and I think it helps me feel a bit better and have more energy...which would be great if I didn't have pain and could do things with that energy :)

Tonya - I enjoyed seeing you. Your kids are adorable! And that little one...oh my she is a doll!

I am good at just dealing with the pain and moving on...what else is there to do? In fact the infection that I had got pretty bad before I went into the dr. The dr was surprised and remarked that he thought I should have been in a lot of pain. I told him I've gotten good at just ignoring it.

Same thing when I had Singles. It was really advanced by the time I went in and the dr said aren't you in a lot of pain? "Um...yeah, but what else is new?"

I'm curious to see what the dr has to say this afternoon about this medicine not working...I'll let you know.