Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's OSHA's fault

“So, I think I inadvertently asked someone out today.”

You can count this among the top 5 ways you don’t expect your husband to start a conversation.

See, my husband is very friendly. He likes to talk to people. Yesterday he was out at local establishment in a town south of where we live, for work. He walked up to the lady at the front desk to ask her where a good place to eat nearby is. He does not like to eat at chain restaurants, and will instead ask a local where the best place to eat is whenever he is in a new place. Consequently, he knows the little known yummy restaurants all over the state of Texas and even some neighboring states. Usually this works out quite well for him. Not so much yesterday.

He sauntered up to the lady behind the desk and causally asked her where she likes to go out to eat. He said she glanced down at his hands and then got all weird and flirty. She told him of a little Irish Pub type place where her and her friends like to go for drinks at happy hour. Weird. Suddenly, Sir D said, he replayed back the conversation in his mind and realized she thought he was asking her out! Because of Sir D’s job (going into various factories with OSHA regulations about jewelry) he is not in the habit of wearing a wedding ring. So once the lady saw his hand was ring free she turned on the charm.

When Sir D realized he’d asked a woman out, he quickly thanked her for the lunch establishment recommendation and high tailed it out of the place!

Then he called me and started the conversation by telling me he asked some lady out…accidentally.

Sorry lady, I hate to disappoint but he is indeed VERY married. I am also going to be digging through the jewelry boxes for his ring. OSHA be darned. My man’s wearing his ring from now on.


Julie said...

Oh that's too funny, Tricia. I sent a link of your post to my dh who inspects factories...

Tonya said...

Way to go D! Cracking me up here ... Maybe his boys will have to start following him around and getting tips. :-)

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's funny!