Monday, May 11, 2009

My Boys.

I think I have the most hansom sons on the planet. You may feel the need to argue, but remember…my blog, my world, my reality. So Yes! They are the most hansom.

On Saturday my boys (can I still call them boys when they are so big?) took part in the Fireman Games. They are both in the Explorer program with the fire department. They have to do all these things like Make and Break (something with the hose and the fire engine?) Room Search (look for a victim in the dark and smoky room?) CPR (I know what that one is!) Hose Off (does this not sound like a Canadian insult?) and others that I do not remember.

It is physically draining because they do all these things like running up flights of stairs wearing their bunker gear and carrying heavy hoses while yelling “get out of the building” or some such thing.

I don’t know when my boys became men. It seemed to happen overnight. They can do stuff, manly stuff. How did this happen?

I know my boys will stand head and shoulders above the rest. I watched them Saturday. They are quality young men. They are strong, they have integrity, and they have a can-do attitude. They are men.

Sometimes parenting teens can be hard. Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong. Sometimes, when things don’t go right, when classes don’t get passed and teenage stupidity colors their choices (hello traffic tickets?) I worry.

But then we have days like Saturday and I feel encouraged. I feel proud. My men will go far. They will do whatever they choose to do and they will do it well. They are men of honor; Godly men.

Thank you Lord for that reminder. Thank you for letting me see the glimpse of who they are becoming. I am in awe.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Even I see a big difference in your boys from when I first started reading your blog. Good job on raising men, mama!

And no, we don't say "hose off" up here. Maybe "hoser" back in the day...