Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Demigods Saved the Summer!

It's summer here in Texas. And I do mean SUMMER. It's too hot to be outside, even at 8am. Also our neighborhood pool is having some technical issues and has not opened. This is very, very sad.

Our neighborhood pool is very, very, important to my families' well being, it turns out. Because the pool is not open, I've had to get a bit creative with how to keep the kids occupied. I must admit here that I never really understood all the whining and complaining mom's do about keeping their kids occupied in the summer. I've never had a problem with my kids whining and saying they're board and wanting to do nothing but watch TV. That is until this summer. Turns out, being at the pool every afternoon, all afternoon, with their friends was what was keeping them occupied. NOW I get it!

So the reason for this post...(you were wondering if there was one, weren't you).

These books. The Olympians Series by Rick Riordan. This series of books has saved my summer! My girls are devouring them! I got them on audio CD for the girls to listen to on our long car trip to Colorado that is coming up, but at this rate, they'll be done already!

They have spent hours in their room, playing, sewing, drawing, all while listening to this book series.

Now, these books may not be for everyone. They're sort of Harry Potter meets Greek Mythology. I personally am not a big Harry Potter fan and we've not read them here, but my girls LOVE Greek Mythology. I remember when we studied it during our Ancient History units, the girls really enjoyed the fanciful stories. I know some people have issues teaching their kids about other 'gods' but here we discussed how these were myths, and as such, not true.

I don't want to get into a debate about the ethics of Harry Potter or Greek Mythology, but I felt the need to give a heads up to those who try to steer away from such things.

I personally am ever-so thankful to Percy and his Demigod friends for salvaging this pool-less summer!

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The Source said...

Just browsing through your blog and had to twins LOVE the Percy Jackson series, too. We're doing a unit on Greek Mythology this semester because they're so into these books. Did you know the first book is coming out as a movie in Feb. 2010?