Monday, June 28, 2010


I've had lots of things going through my mind lately. Lots going on here on the Hilltop. When am I going to get it through my head that summer does NOT equal calm? It did when they were all elementary age. Now summer just means a different kind of chaos.

So to stick with the theme of summer's a very chaotic post.

1. Gunnar and Ev went to church camp two weeks ago. Gunnar had fun. Ev did not. I would not go back to jr high for all the tea in China. Jr high girls are mean. Even church girls. It's made Dave and I seriously rethink the whole youth group thing. The boys love it and it has served them well. So far, Ev's not having the same experience. This makes me sad.

2. VBS was last week. Only one of my children is of the age that is eligible for VBS. Wow. When did that happen? Gunnar and Ev worked in VBS. They did awesome. They're awesome kids.

3. Bryce is working full-time pulling wires for an electric/construction company. He is also house sitting for the summer. Oddly enough, he still comes dinnertime.

4. Gunnar took the motorcycle training course this past weekend. When he goes in next week to get his drivers license, he can also get his motorcycle license. This was his dad's idea.

5. I am looking for a company that sells anti-anxiety meds by the case.

6. The instructor said he is a very talented motorcycle rider. He will be fine. She said he's a natural. Of course, I knew that. He's been on a motorcycle since he was old enough to walk. Only he was on the track or out in a field. Now he will be riding in Dallas Fort Worth. In Traffic. With all the 5 trillion other crazy people who live here.

7. I wonder where I can also by chocolate by the case...or chocolate covered anti-anxiety meds.


Heidi said...

Chocolate-covered anti-anxiety drugs! LOL When you find them, can you pass some along?!
I loved this post. I'd highly recommend a book I just read called Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham. I need to write a review of it, but it's an amazing book and touches on some of the things you mentioned in your post. :)

Sheri said...

Full agreement, teenage girls= vicious

I'll also say this, the girls I got in the most trouble with were from our church!

That said teenagerhood has been a difficult and lonely road for Madi.

Sandy said...

If you find those chocolate covered anxiety meds...please post the address.