Friday, July 16, 2010


I have set this post to post at exactly 1:20 am. At this very moment I will have 3 teenagers. Oh my stars!

Today is my Eve's birthday. My first daughter. I was so surprised when the sonogram tech told me it was a girl. After 2 boys and my husband being one of 4 boys I really thought I'd be the mom of only boys. So skeptical was I, we painted the room green and stuck with a pretty gender neutral nursery.

Well that tech was right. Exactly 13 years ago today God gave me my first daughter.

She was different from the boys from the beginning. She was a mama's girl. She liked to be held, she liked to be cuddled and she liked to have her way!

She did not like elevators, water, being without her blanket or being left with anyone other than mom. Even dad.

She spoke in sentences at 12 months old. She taught herself to read at 4. She's the best speller in the house, bar none, and she's a pretty darn good writer too.

I think God for the gift of this daughter 13 years ago. What would I do without her?


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to Eve! What a pretty girl!

Sheri said...

Aww Happy Birthday, they sure grow fast!