Monday, December 27, 2010

The best gift...

Yes, yes we did.

Why? You ask. I have no idea. I think I experience some sort of seizure or brain injury and it momentarily altered my personality, and I bought rodents.

The girls were completely shocked.

The thing is, I wanted an electronics-free Christmas. I am tired of buying things that need to be monitored. Everything in this house hooks up to the internet and the internet is a wonderful thing, but it requires some attention. It's a bit like a dark alley, you can't just let kids wander down it willy-nilly. You must be in attendance. I am tired of wandering down the dark alley with my children.

So this Christmas? No electronics.

We got stuff for our sons' trucks that they needed. Mats, new seats, and the like. This was Dave's department. I bought Dave some part for the car. I have no idea what it is. He sent me the link, I ordered it. Romantic, no?

And the girls got rodents.

I think I like my gift the best. A new necklace...sort of. I am not a real jewelry person. I don't wear much. My wedding ring is just a simple band. Anything more and I catch it on stuff. I normally wear a simple, gold, cross neckless. I have for years. That's it in the jewelry department.

When I turned 16 my aunt and uncle (who I lived with) bought me a ruby and diamond stud set of earrings. I loved those earrings. Wore them for years. Well, a few years ago, I lost one. I was very, very sad. The other one sat, sad and lonely, in my jewelry box.

This year, for Christmas, Dave took that sad, lonely, earring and had it made into a pendant for me to wear on my necklace. I LOVE it! It's simple, I can leave it on all the time, and best of all, it has a history and a story.

So? What was your favorite gift this year?

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