Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning.

School has started here on the Hilltop. We are in full swing. EMT classes, Community College classes, Co op classes, homeschool classes, jobs, youth group and bears OH MY!

Every year, when we start our school it's as if someone picks up the top that is my school and sets it to spinning. We wobble around a bit here and there at first, but eventually we find our pace and things even out.

You'd think that as long as I have been doing this I'd be used to it, but every year is different and every year it seems the schedule gets more and more crazy.

I am no longer in control of the schedule. Bryce is a grown up now. He has his own life and works hard and is taking EMT classes. He comes and goes. Sometimes I remember where he is, sometimes I don't.

Gunnar is taking classes at co op, and the local community college, getting private tutoring and meeting weekly with his Anatomy lab partner. Oh, and he runs his own landscaping business and works afternoons for a local Auto Shop.

They drive themselves and run their own schedules. Sometimes, I have to really think to remember where they are. (Yes, please, I'd love the 'Mother of The Year' award)

It's been 3 weeks and the spinning is starting to level out. It's getting a little easier when I wake up in the morning for me to remember where my boys are.

We're falling into a rhythm. It's a crazy rhythm, but it's a rhythm none the less.

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