Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too Many Tomatoes

I ordered a 25lbs box of Roma tomatoes with my veggie box last week. (I participate in Bountiful Baskets. I love it so much!)

It's tricky to use 25lbs of tomatoes before they go off. I know I could peel them and make sauce, but I tried that once and it was simply not worth the effort. I decided I'd give away tomatoes before I do that again!

I wasn't going to buy a whole box again, but when you can buy 25lbs of Roma Tomatoes for $14.50, well, you do it. Because you'd spend much, much more at the grocery store.

So we begin our quest to use up the tomatoes. I will be doing the obvious: lots of sandwiches, BLT's, salads and the like, but to use it all up I'm going to have to get creative.

Last Sunday Dave decided to make these. They were awesome!

We stopped by Costco and got this container of Mozzarella balls.

We also bought these crackers. We bought two different kinds of crackers; these garlic crackers, and some with seeds. Overwhelmingly, the Sourdough Garlic Crackers were preferred.

We sliced some of tomatoes up thick and placed them on the cracker. We put a Mozzarella ball on top and then salted and peppered them. Don't forget this step. They really needed the salt especially.

Then we baked them for a couple of minutes. Just enough to melt the Mozzarella ball a bit. Then we turned on the broiler for about 30 sec to get a little browning on the top.

Y'all. They were AWESOME! I ate so many, I didn't eat lunch!

These Tomato Mozzarella Crackers make a very easy, and yummy appetizer. I think we'll be eating more of these in the future. Or at least until the giant box of tomatoes are gone.

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Brenda Covert said...

I would never have thought of baking tomato slices on crackers. And that gooey cheese ball on top looks divine!