Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who Lets Babies Fly a Plane??

So, this is what my little boy did today. With his little boy friends. These three have been friends since the sandbox. Literally. Bryce and Aaron crawled around the nursery floor together. They've all three been friends since elementary school. Today these babies went UP IN AN AIRPLANE  ALONE WITH NO ADULTS AND NO PILOTS. ONE OF THOSE BABIES WAS THE PILOT!!!

And look, don’t try to tell me that they are the adults. Grown men; two of whom are in training to serve our country in the United States Air Force, and one in training to be a First Responder.

Because I’m the mom. And to the mom, they’re still babies. Who lets babies fly a plane!?

He even sent me photos of his time in the air. He took these photo of my house. FROM THE AIR ABOVE IT. Like WAY above it.

Have mercy.

I thought having toddlers was hard.

Your job as the mom is to keep the toddlers from doing dangerous and unsafe things. You know why? So they can grow up into men who do DANGEROUS AND UNSAFE THINGS!! And there is nothing you can do about it but pray.

I may have made him promise to text me the minute his feet were back on the ground or I would never cook for him again.

You’ll all be happy to know they are safely back on the ground. 

And I’m having wine for dinner. 

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