Friday, September 21, 2007

School at Home, or Zoo at Home?

Here is what our homeschool looks like on occasion. You either gotta laugh or cry. Today I choose to laugh.

I finally got everyone settled and working, it was 9:30 not the aimed for 8:00. But they were quite and working.

This diligent schooling lasted for about 10 minutes. Then all at the very same time; the boys both yelled Mooo-ooom, you know in that way that makes it two syllables and you know they are about to tattle on each other. (never mind that they are both almost adults, they STILL act like 2 year olds now and then).

The phone started ringing; the girls at the table spilled a giant glass of water on the table where they were doing school. It landed all over several of their papers and was inching closer and closer to my laptop. Needless to say there were screeches and three little girls running for the towels.

At this very moment, The Entertainer started playing on the radio. It was laughable. If this were a movie, that is exactly when someone would have said “Que music” and The Entertainer would have definitely been the soundtrack.

I wonder if we’ll get anything done today? Perhaps we should just give up and go to the Zoo; it’s kinda like one here right now anyway.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I can totally relate. Things can go awry pretty quickly. We went to the nearby park for nature study last week. I had planned on them sitting and observing/drawing a tree in their journals. That did happen, along with my 4 year old falling out of a tree and my 11 year old spending the whole time asking to go back home because she was worried about cougars!