Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Change is A-Coming.

Today is a sad day here on the Hilltop. Well, not for everyone, only for me. Today I'm giving up my back room/school room to my college student.

We will no longer have a back room where the kids can go to watch a tv show that I don't want to hear or play games I don't want to hear, or read quietly because the rest of the house is too loud. There will also no longer be one central location to store all the school stuff. This especially makes me sad.

We're moving Will out of the room he shares with Bob into the back room. The back room is like a bedroom, it has a closet and a bathroom attached, but it also has an outside door opening onto the back deck. This I am also not so happy about, but honestly the kid's 18. I'm not too worried about him sneaking out and partying. He's not that kinda kid and really he's a man. If he wants to go out somewhere at 3 am, I suppose he can. (but don't tell him that !)

The boys have always shared a room. Since they were babies. They don't, however, seem at all sentimental about this move. In fact, Bob is practically throwing Will's stuff out the door.

I'll show you after photos when they're done.


It's kinda like the end of an era. Next thing you know they'll be moving out completely...

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