Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So, how'd YOU sleep?

Sir D and I and the kids were making our way out of the hospital’s lobby when we noticed Him standing at the door. He was checking the forearm of every person who left the hospital. If they did not have the proper mark on their forearm, they were quickly and quietly escorted away by The Others. Oh no. How were we going to get out? We did not have the proper mark.

We saw some of Them, heading to a side exit that was not yet being manned. Sir D grabbed the hands of the girls and practically ran to the door with Bob and I trailing behind him.

We managed to get out, but only just. We quickly headed to our car in the parking garage. The people around us were walking slowly, steadily, as if in a daze. They were everywhere, checking forearms, dragging people back into the hospital if they did not have the mark.

We got into the car and made it out of the parking garage just in time, before the barricade went up. We had to get home, we had to get our things, pick up Will and get out of the city.

The cell phone rang and I picked it up. “Mom! Where are you? They are everywhere! I’m at the hospital, I came to meet you and They’re here! I can’t get out! I can’t find you! What do I do?!?”

It was Will.

Sir D grabbed the phone as he spun the car around, trying not to draw attention to himself. They were watching and They were everywhere. If you behaved in an erratic manor They’d know you did not have the mark and They’d come after you, we had to go unnoticed.

“Will, go to the basement of the building, in the back there is a storage room with a window. We’ll meet you there. Just hide down there till we get there, we’ll break the window and get you out. Just hang on. We won’t leave without you.”

We got to back to the hospital, having to carefully and calmly drive around to the back side where the doctors park. Sir D saw the window he had told Will to wait for him at. Sir D stopped the car and got out. They were milling about across the street. If he was quick he could break the window, help Will out and get back into the car before They could get to us.

Once Sir D got to the window he quickly broke it, pulled Will through the window and they ran back to the car. They had noticed. They were coming.

Sir D hit the gas and screeched the tires around the hospital and out of Their site. He slowed down again, like the rest of traffic, like Them, to not draw attention to our unchanged state.

We drove as quickly as we could to the house to grab a few things. Throwing into the car only what we needed to survive. We ran back to the car, to head out to the ranch my aunt and uncle have in the country. We knew we’d be safe there.

We all jumped into the car and were about to take off when Ann yelled that Eve had not made it to the car! Where was she? Suddenly we heard a scream. They had her…

I woke up sweating, the scream had been mine. What a horrid dream! It was laughable and terrifying all at the same time. The dream was like every zombie/aliens-are-taking-over-the-world movie I’d ever seen and yet it was so real. It was MY children they were after, MY family that was in danger. That’s the weird thing with dreams. The emotions attached to them are real, even if the situation is not.

I have never been so grateful to wake up in my own bed at three in the morning. Never was I so grateful to see all four of my beautiful children peacefully sleeping in their own beds (You bet I got up and checked!). Never have I been so grateful that zombies/aliens were not taking over the world.

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