Friday, September 18, 2009

His Children

My IRL, Bloggy and FB friend Tonya had this quote on her blog today.

I SO needed to read this today. Thank you Tonya, and thank you Lord for the gentle reminder.

"These children are dear to Me. Be a mother to them, and more than a mother. Watch over them tenderly, be just and kind. If thy heart is not large enough to embrace them, I will enlarge it after a pattern of My own. If these young children are docile and obedient, bless Me for it; if they are froward, call upon Me for help; if they weary thee, I will be thy consolation; if thou sink under thy burden, I will be thy Reward."

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Tonya said...

We were out of town (in the mountains!) this weekend, so didn't see you posted this. Glad you liked the quote! Hope this week goes well and you feel less overwhelmed. I'm feeling WAY overwhelmed and we're on week 7 of school. Still unorganized, still not really ready to start the year! :-)

Did you see it snowed here today? :-)