Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Violet the Test Dog

When we got home from our trip to the SPCA on Sunday, where we met and had to leave Glitter, I remembered how some friends of ours were trying to find a home for their Black Lab/Border Collie mix, Violet. They were leaving the country and needed to find her a home. I remembered that they had not had any success and the dog ended up living with their college age son who stayed behind here in the states. I was pretty sure the college age son was still trying to find her a home. He is gone so much...

So we gave him a call. He was more than happy to bring Violet over for us to try. We have begun a one month trial period with Violet. If, after a month it's too much, or she's hard to deal with, we can give her back to the college age son.

So far we've learned Violet can sit, stay, heal, potty outside, and best of all she does not rub her butt on the carpet. It's a match made in heaven!

Bob was great friends with the boy of the family Violet belonged too. Violet loves Bob. Violet will do whatever Bob says. Violet sleeps in Bob's room and follows Bob around like, well, like a puppy.

I know we have a month yet to go, but really? after one day with Violet the Test Dog, I'm pretty sure she's a keeper.

Isin't she sweet?


TOSHeidi said...

Oh, she is sweet! I bet she'll make you a great dog. She reminds me of my parents' dog (that I told you about in my last comment)! Enjoy!

cuponklipper said...

Okay, so I just discovered that you have an awesome blog! I had no idea. You can consider me a faithful reader from now on! Awesome pics.