Monday, January 11, 2010

Who doesn't need a little Glitter?

We are not dog people here on the hilltop. We had a dog. He was a pug. It ended badly. He snorted, he snotted, he was untrainable, and he rubbed his butt on the carpet in an obsessive compulsive manor. It was bad.

When he started getting out of the fence, despite our best efforts to thwart his wanderlust, and marking the neighbors front door, we decided it was time to find him another home.

That was 5 years ago. Trygve the Pug left us shellshocked. Last week all the stars aligned, the gods smiled on us, and my husband had a momentarily brain spasm and somehow, Sir D and I ended up at the Dallas SPCA.

While we were there we met Glitter. Glitter was so sweet. I completely fell in love. She was shy and would very slowly come up to you and sniff your hand. If she decided you were worthy she'd let you scratch around her ears. She wasn't too sure about Sir D. She didn't make a peep, even though she was surrounded by yapping puppies. She'd just look at you with those big brown eyes, silently asking you to take her home.

Unfortunately, Sir D said no. He thought she was a little to big. We were looking for a smaller dog. Our house is the size of a postage stamp and she was just a bit too big. I could have probably talked Sir D into taking Glitter home, but, well, Trygve was my idea. Need I say more?

So there Glitter sits. If you live anywhere near Dallas, please go get Glitter and take her home, K? Then tell me you did, so I can stop thinking about that sweet little dog with those big brown eyes sitting in that cage.


JasonBecca said...

I can totally relate, Tricia - I HATE those places! I end up in tears every time I go to one! We will be getting another dog sometime this spring (after after after we are settled in!) but I just dread the process! We will only get a dog from a pound, but the problem is having to go there to get it :-)

TOSHeidi said...

Oh, Tricia, Glitter is a sweetie! Are you sure she's too big? What kind of dog is she? She resembles my parents' dog (though Katie is all black) - she's a border collie mix and just THE BEST dog ever!

We are not dog people either - I love dogs but they never seem to work out around here. However, in the fall, my hubby had one of those momentary lapses that you mentioned and we now have - guess what? A pug! Ours is a female, and doesn't seem to do any of those obnoxious things you mentioned (well, maybe snort) - she's actually pretty good, except that she stinks. LOL

Tricia said...

Oh, Heidi, that's hilarious! I've been told by other pug owners that we got a dud. Honestly I think Trygve was brain damaged! :)

And, interestingly enough, we did end up with a dog (I'm about to post about that) but not Glitter. That's why I really want to find Glitter a home!

Becca - wish you were ready now! I'd go get Glitter for ya! The one thing I did learn at the SPCA was that St. Bernard's are small tanks and having a puppy would make me loose my mind! There were many, many, many little yappy puppies!

We did see one beautiful chocolate lab, but she was BIG! They are such a beautiful color.

Tricia said...

Oh, and one other thing Heidi. I learned when we had our pug that they have to have their anal glands squeezed (YUCK!).

I would wash and wash Trygve and could never get him to not stink. Finally we took him to a groomer and they said he needed that. Once we started getting that done regularly, he stopped smelling so much. I also think they had some sort of magic shampoo that made him smell nice.

We took him about every 2 months. If I tried to wash him at home, no matter what I used, he just ended up smelling like stinky, wet dog. He always came from the groomer smelling nice.

It was worth every penny! :)