Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guys are tonight on American Idol! Go TIM!

It seems that the Powers That Be at American Idol have switched the boys to tonight.

Originally the girls were supposed to be tonight, but for one reason or another, the boys are going tonight.

So, watch. Then vote for Tim. Many, many, many times.

On an amusing side note, Will was telling me that he can now say a top 20 American Idol star wrote him a song.

It was something about 'chips ahoy and a big blond boy'. It's not much as a claim to fame goes, but it's all the poor kid has.

Let's vote the good guy in!

Go TIM!!!

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takemetomaui said...

I'm so glad I found your blog (or you found mine, actually!) I'm even more of a "Tim fan" now that I know a little more of his story! Love your blog :) We have lots of kids at home too, and I so wish I could stay home with them. Homeschooling is so awesome - good for you! Blessings,