Monday, March 1, 2010

My Baby Fireman

I've been going through all of Will's baby photos for his graduation celebration which is coming up in May. Yes, THIS May, as in 2 months away, May.

Excuse me while I gasp for air and turn blue and curl into a fetal position and suck my thumb....


While looking through Bryce's baby photos I found this. How adorable is that???

And then I remembered this photo, taken in Oct of this year.

And then I cried great tears of sadness that my baby grew up.

And then I found this photo of Sir D and I and with Will and laughed my head off.

The End.


Melanie said...

Bryce? Who is this Bryce of whom you speak? Just kidding, but you threw me for a minute. Giving up internet aliases?

Tricia said...

Yes. I'm giving up. With my posts going to Facebook as well, it just seemed silly.

So, yep. Real names now. Dave said the first time a complete stranger comes up to him, calls him by name and says they know him from my blog, will be the last day I have a blog. :)

TOSHeidi said...

LOL! This post made me smile. You've got one handsome guy there, Tricia. I'm trying to figure out why the last picture made you laugh, though - could it possibly be those pants?!

Tricia said...


We just look SO young. In many ways, in my mind, this was just yesterday, then I see the photos and realize it was most definitely NOT yesterday! It cracked me up.