Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old is New

I was looking online for a new spring dress and I came across a dress for sale at Cato. It caused me to have an immediate flashback.

Dress 1. 1991

Dress 2. Currently for Sale at Cato in 2010.

Lets all laugh. Now, lets all cry, because if the big-dot dress is coming back, I can only imagine what's next.

And, for what it's worth? I'm not wearing leggings or tucking my jeans into my socks.


Heidi said...

That is so funny! They say fashion always comes back. I have no idea why we thought that tucking our jeans into our socks looked cool though!

Lisa said...

YET. You're not tucking your socks into your jeans....yet. LOL!!

'Lisalyn' (FIAR)

TOSHeidi said...

LOL! I remember saying that I would NEVER be caught dead in wide-leg jeans. Now, I love them and can't imagine wearing those darned skinny-legged jeans (tucked into slouch socks) again. I'm dreading their come-back. :)

Do you have a Cato near you? We used to, but it closed down. I loved that store!

Kristenph said...

Oh my! That is scary. Did you all ever make these tight little cuffs on the bottom of your jeans?

Tricia said...

Kristen, YES! My Sister and I actually sewed our jeans tapered at the bottom! We got them so tight that my sister would lay on the bed and I'd pull them off for her and vice/versa.

Oh the things we did for fashion... :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

funny how this happens. I think you rocked the dress and should buy another one just like it!

rainydaymichele said...

LOL! This really did make me chuckle out loud. Oh, the polka dots are making a return!

Thanks for the smile, Tricia. :)