Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Photo Attempt, Revisited.

Once again, I decided to attempt an impromptu Christmas Photo. We were camping over Thanksgiving this year and the surroundings were unique and beautiful. THE SWAMP! How can you not love that?? I mean, who else would have a Christmas photo taken in the swamp. Well, except those who actually live in the swamp.

So I decided to line up the crew, including the dog this year, and get that photo! Yeah, that never works. One problem was that, well, we were camping so we looked a mess! No one has any nice clothes, and the kids were a bit dirty, I mean, we were camping in the swamp after-all! goes.

Smile, Everyone! Wait, where's Annika?

There she is! Wow, that hair's a mess!

Um, Annika, what's with that face?

Annika, look at the camera!

Really, Gunnar?

And again with the goofy face, Gunnar.

Nice trash can.

Evelyn! And I don't really want to send out a Christmas card featuring Violet's bottom!

Gunnar again with the Stink-eye.

And this is what happens when you tell him to stop with the stink-eye.

I guess this one's not bad.

Why did I decide to do this again?


Halfmoon Girl said...

Hi Tricia! I seem to remember your shoots from other years :) We have the same troubles. I usually just pick the best one and go with it- people usually appreciate a more real looking picture- or that is what I tell myself anyways!

cuponklipper said...

I wish I had thought to blog ours. What a miserable failure for the Basinger Family.... Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain and we only have two kids to work with!! It's always fun trying and the last shot is great!

Laura O said...

I might have to blog about my failed attempts at snagging a family photo. I've told the boys I'm going to snap individually if they can't just all look at the camera and SMILE at the same time. And, here I thought I was in the minority for difficult subjects!