Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween '10

Here we are, all decked out for Halloween.

Can you guess what Dave is? He's a Chilean Miner. Not so PC I don't imagine, but it sure was funny! I'm a Gypsy, Ev is a cowgirl and Annika is the Pink Panther.

Bryce was supposed to play in a soccer game that night but it got canceled so he was a dejected soccer player, and not by choice. It's kinda sad when your kids outgrow Halloween.

Here is Gunnar's last year. He dressed the same and he was not around at photo taking time. Both of my boys spent all day at the Church setting up and taking down the Trunk or Treat. I have pretty amazing, hardworking boys.

I know that many Christians do not like to celebrate Halloween and I totally respect that. But I LOVE how so many churches are finding a way to redeem the holiday. In our area the streets are nearly empty and the churches are full. Never does our church look more like our community than Halloween night. We live in a very diverse community; white, black, hispanic, Asian... and on and on. But our church is mostly white. On Halloween I look around and the parking lot is packed with all different colors. This makes me happy.

People come from the community because they know it's a save place. Hopefully while they are there they are seeing that we Christians are just regular people who love the Lord. Maybe when times get tough in their own lives they'll remember the hope they heard about when they were visiting my church, or just the friendly,loving people they met there and they'll come back to see what it's all about.

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cuponklipper said...

Oh, how I really love your description of how colorful it is and how they might find a safe place when/if they are ready. Beautiful!