Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who are these adults that have taken over my children?

Prom, it's a right of passage. Even for homeschoolers. I can hardly believe that we are here. And that that man is my baby.

This is Bryce and his date, a lovely girl named Saraya.

Here is Will and his long-time partner in crime, Jon.

Here is all 4 of them, Will and S, and Jon and Katie. Katie's mom took these photos and I think she got some really great, fun shots.

I still can't get over how grown up he looks.

Aren't they cute? They had so much fun with this little mini photo shoot.

Sigh. How do we slow down this train? It's going WAY too fast.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old is New

I was looking online for a new spring dress and I came across a dress for sale at Cato. It caused me to have an immediate flashback.

Dress 1. 1991

Dress 2. Currently for Sale at Cato in 2010.

Lets all laugh. Now, lets all cry, because if the big-dot dress is coming back, I can only imagine what's next.

And, for what it's worth? I'm not wearing leggings or tucking my jeans into my socks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We went camping over Spring Break. 8 days. It took at least that long to prepare, and I'm sure will take at least that long to clean up.

We stopped on the way there for this....

Because of this...

But it was worth it because this...

...was our view.

More later. After I dig out from under the giant pile of stinky laundry.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guys are tonight on American Idol! Go TIM!

It seems that the Powers That Be at American Idol have switched the boys to tonight.

Originally the girls were supposed to be tonight, but for one reason or another, the boys are going tonight.

So, watch. Then vote for Tim. Many, many, many times.

On an amusing side note, Will was telling me that he can now say a top 20 American Idol star wrote him a song.

It was something about 'chips ahoy and a big blond boy'. It's not much as a claim to fame goes, but it's all the poor kid has.

Let's vote the good guy in!

Go TIM!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Baby Fireman

I've been going through all of Will's baby photos for his graduation celebration which is coming up in May. Yes, THIS May, as in 2 months away, May.

Excuse me while I gasp for air and turn blue and curl into a fetal position and suck my thumb....


While looking through Bryce's baby photos I found this. How adorable is that???

And then I remembered this photo, taken in Oct of this year.

And then I cried great tears of sadness that my baby grew up.

And then I found this photo of Sir D and I and with Will and laughed my head off.

The End.