Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol? Or some form of Medieval Torture?

I am an American Idol newcomer. I realize that It’s been on for 9 seasons now, but I’ve been avoiding it because, well, here are my top 10 things to be avoided at all cost in life.

1. Being on a stage
2. Being the center of attention
3. Criticism
4. Confrontation
5. Meanness
6. Being onstage
7. Being the center of attention
8. Criticism
9. Confrontation
10. Meanness

So I think you can understand my desire to avoid AI at all cost. It is everything I abhor. And yet, this year I must watch. This year, as I have mentioned a time or 50, there is someone I know on the show.


Bless his sweet little heart! I KNOW that boy can sing. I’ve heard it. I’ve seen it. I even had a YouTube clip posted on my blog of him singing the very song he sang last night, but yesterday it was taken of YouTube. He really CAN hit those high notes! I like Tim’s (and his brother Ben) version better than the original! But the nerves got to him. He just couldn’t quite get it last night.

Watching all of those boys (and girls for that matter ) get up there and sing their hearts out and, and for most of them, falling short of the mark, it was just awful to watch. Then listening as the judges shredded them? Agony.

Seriously, this is entertainment? It was punishing! I’d rather have bamboo shoots stuck under my fingernails!

But I watched. Because my entire family is gaga because Tim’s on it. My entire church is gaga because Tim’s on it. Heck, my entire town’s gaga because Tim’s on it.

I am told that it gets better as they all get more comfortable on stage. I certainly hope so, because right now? Tim? I’m only doing this for you, bud!


Melanie said...

Totally agree. I even watched part of it last night, because I read the blog of someone who knows this guy.... :-) But I didn't see him perform. I think I heard 3 guys sing and I couldn't take it anymore. If everyone were more like us, that show wouldn't have made it past season 1.

Melanie said...

Aw! I just saw...he looked so ready and resigned to be going home, and so sweetly shocked to be staying. What a cutie.

JasonBecca said...

You're cracking me up :-) It really does get better - I only tolerate the show until the top 12 and then it gets GREAT! It is a bit like watching a train wreck at this point! Glad Tim made it tonite - am going to watch it now!!