Thursday, January 5, 2012

1000 Gifts: It begins.

I know, I know. Have I been living under a rock?

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

I am just now getting to this book. To be frank, I don't like self-help style books, Christian or otherwise. They bug me. The whole name of the genre is off. SELF help. If I can do it myself, why do I need your book, or program, or snake oil... (Cynical much, you ask.)

The Ladies Bible Study I'm a part of has chosen this book to study. We are to read one chapter a week and then we are going to discuss it. I snatched up the book when I had a couple of minutes between the chaos and the noise. I am a fast reader; I'll just skim the first chapter. Um, yeah. Those of you who've already read the book can stop laughing now. I got maybe 2 pages in. You cannot skim Ann Voskamp's book. You must absorb it. Her language is poetic, her topics deep. You must slow down and digest every word.

After making it through most of the first chapter I've decided I need to participate. So here we go. Days 1 - 5

1. Three things about yourself you are grateful for.
(ah, starting off with the hardest! YIKES) I guess...that I love fiercely, I feel deeply, and I am working on loving without condition.

2. A gift outside, inside, on a plate.


God has given me a new view to gaze upon. I am so terribly thankful.


I am so thankful for a new, soft thing for under my feet.

On a plate...

I am grateful for the realization that I am far from perfect and I am so thankful God has given me the ability to laugh at myself.

3. 3 lines you overheard that were grace.

Overheard in the store between a hunched over old man and what was obviously his daughter helping him shop..

"We're going so slowly, I'm sorry it's taking so long."
"Don't worry dad, there is nowhere else I'd rather be." Said as she patted his hand. It brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful love like this still exists and I got to see it in action today.

4. One gift old, new and blue.

This photo contains all of the above. My sweet sister in law popped over today to bring me these blue plates and white and blue frame that she had on display in her old home, but that she has not found a spot for in her new one. She knew I wanted blue plates to put on my newly yellow walls. In the photo is my husband’s grandmother; a lovely woman, now living with the Lord. I am grateful to have married into such an amazing Christian family heritage, and I'm blessed to have sisters in law who are also my friends.

5. Something you're reading, you’re making, you’re seeing.
I'm reading through this One Thousand Gifts book with purposefulness. I WILL learn to be more grateful. I'm making progress. I'm seeing hope.

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