Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Mystery of the Sudsy Septic System

I got up with Dave this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee before he left for work. I glanced out of my back window while drinking my coffee; I love to do this in the early morning. I am usually greeted with the happy sounds of goats (baby goats even!) frolicking around in the field behind our house, birds chittering and flying about, and Violet running around the yard chasing bunnies. Not so this morning. This morning I was greeted by a sudsy mass seeping out around the cement cover of our septic system. I’m new to this whole septic system business, but I was pretty sure that was not supposed to happen.

Dave left for work, laughing and saying “Have fun with that.” Nice. Such a helper he is. I called the company that is responsible for our septic upkeep. The man I spoke to chuckled and said he’d never seen that before. Really? They’ve been in business for over 30 years! We’ve been the owners of a septic system for less than one month and we’ve already created an anomaly. Super. He said he’d be out to check it sometime this afternoon.

I thought about it and realized the only recent change was new laundry soap. I’d recently purchased some of the ultra concentrated variety. When all the kids got up I asked them if anyone had done laundry the night before. Yes, said Annika. Turns out, she put in 2 caps full instead of the ½ cap full that she should have. Uhh, yeah. I think that’ll do it.

I called the guy back and told him that I don’t think he needed to come out after-all. The suds were dissipating and the problem had been solved. WAY too much ultra concentrated laundry soap (and perhaps a mom that needs to pay more attention! Apparently Annika ALWAYS uses 2 caps full! NO WONDER we’re going through laundry soap so fast!) He chuckled some more and told me to call him back if we have any other problems.

Well, at least I brought a little laughter to someone’s day and I bet the inside of my septic tanks are clean, soft, and smell of lavender.

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