Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joy Dare: Days 13-14

Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp

3 sounds you hear
1. My boys and their dad laughing and working together. It makes my heart happy that my husband and 17 and 20 year old boys are friends and that they are strong of mind and body and can work together.

2. My daughter giggling in the back room with her friend that slept over last night. Praise the Lord for good friends for my children.

3. The sound of the coffee pot on a cold morning.

3 ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God

1. I have a pool! I have wanted a pool for such a long time. I can’t wait to jump into it! (when it warms up a bit!)

2. We’re going here this summer. To the white sandy beaches. I can’t wait to see the sunset over the ocean.

3. One of these men is my father in law and the other is my sister-in-law’s father. Both men spent their lives serving the Lord. Both men could have chosen to use their extreme intelligence to increase their own coffers, but instead chose to work for the Lord as Bible Translators, increasing His kingdom. Examples of what it looks like to be a great man of the Lord are all around me and my family. I am blessed.

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