Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anyone know where I can find a gargoyle, or some sort of troll?

Something extremely disturbing happened at Will's soccer game today. No, it wasn't that they lost, that was just sad, but not disturbing.

I was sitting on the bleachers behind two teen boys. I don't know who they were, they didn't stay for the whole game. But who they are does not matter, what they are does. Boys of the teenage variety.

I was sitting behind them and I saw one elbow the other and then whisper something in the other's ear, and then they looked at Eve, who was sitting in a chair behind them. Eve was sporting her new layered hair style, wearing her hip new sunglasses and reading a book. So, okay, yeah, she looked kinda cute.

I SWEAR to you, one of those boys said to the other one "Hay, she's kinda hot." The other one agreed, then someone, somewhere did something with a ball and they were distracted.

I was stunned. WHAT????!!??

Eve is NOT hot.

She is eleven.


Eleven CAN NOT be hot.

I felt very much like grabbing those boys by the scruff of their scrawny little teenage necks (never mind that they were both bigger than I was) and telling them that my Eve was decidedly NOT hot. NOT HOT. Because instead of hot, she's ELEVEN.

But I did not.

I looked over at my little Eve and began to plot a way to add a tower to the south wall of our home. A really high tower. With locks. And no windows. And perhaps some sort of mythical creature to guard her.


Tonya said...

Oh, that is disturbing. What did Big D say??? My hubby would go buy a gun. I do NOT look forward to that day and sounds like it could come soon - our oldest daughter is 10-1/2. Seriously, the boys make comments already? I might have smacked the boys in the back of the head. How old were they?

Tricia said...

I did not exactly mention it to Sir D. His head might have exploded.

Their age was the really disturbing part. These were Will's friends, so somewhere around 17!

I know it was just a passing comment, they were not really interested, just commenting as boys do, but it was the first time I saw her like that.

I did not like it.

In my mind she's still a baby!