Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yesterday I spent some one on one time with my oldest daughter. She is 11 now; a young lady. No longer my baby. When did this happen?

We went to the eye dr to get my new contacts checked. I got new ones again. I am not convinced I will find any that will work. My eyes don’t like contacts.

After the eye dr, Eve and I went to get her hair cut. This made me sad. I held her off as long as I could, but she was relentless. She wanted layers.

DO you see that hair? She has the most beautiful hair. It is like individual strands of silk, it is so fine. It is also the most amazing color. People pay lots of money to buy the hair color she was given. I have actually had people ask me if we get her hair colored. She has the natural highlights that would make the Hollywood set green with envy.

And yesterday she cut it.

Look at those strands? They were on her head minutes ago.

Now there on the floor. It just seems wrong.

Here is the final photo. She is beautiful, even minus some hair. I’m just glad I managed to talk her into a few layers around her face and not all over her hair.

Where’d my baby go?

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