Monday, June 1, 2009

Get a Clue!

Yesterday afternoon I bribed cajoled threatened nicely requested that my family gather around the kitchen table for a rousing game of Clue.

I love Clue. I don’t know why. It is slightly macabre all the talk of death and murderers and murder weapons and what not. And yet it brings me joy to play it with my family. Perhaps we’ll not dive to deep into the psychology of that.

Once my family was happily gathered around the table we began to set up the game. It seems Mr. Green was AWOL. Okay, we can improvise.

My children are good at improvising. Mr. Green was created out of a green pipe cleaner. We then began to set out the weapons. Hummm, the candlestick is missing.

Oh, well I guess a toothpick will do.

Then we began to hand out the cards…three were missing. THAT’S IT!

And it is at this point that I began to have a little meltdown. I believe I started making comments about how no one takes care of anything, or puts anything away, and what a waste of money, and now we can’t even play at all, and one day when you have your own stuff you’ll take care of it but since it’s your parents stuff you all just don’t care…and so on and so forth. It went downhill from there. I believe I ended my tirade by saying “I’m going to take a nap!”

Sir D asked if we should just play cards to which I may have replied something about the likelihood of finding a complete deck what with the irresponsible children in the house, and was then told by Sir D that perhaps a nap was in order.

After my nap I felt better, however Mr. Green, the three cards and the candlestick never reappeared so I guess I’ll have to buy a new Clue game. Because I am not giving up soundly beating my family at Clue and then gloating. Hummm, I am starting to wonder if we have a saboteur in the family. I do love a good conspiracy theory! I shall have to investigate.

BTW, if you’re looking for a fun way to trick you offspring into learning something this summer you can pop over to my Homeschool Review Blog and read about a Mystery Unit Study idea that I incorporated Clue into. That way I can beat them at Clue and call it educational!

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