Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's too stinkin' hot out there!

So...it's summer. Weren't things supposed to slow down for the summer? In order to get through Homeschool Purgatory, I delude myself into thinking that once summer officially comes things will slow down. Somehow, it never does.

I think it's the teenagers. Gone are the days when I had control and would schedule play dates here and there but mainly we'd just stay home and read books and watch movies and laze around.

Nope, it's go go go all summer long.

Today I have to go to the store because the termites my beloved children are home from camp and have eaten everything that was not nailed down are hungry.

Also I get to go to three different collision centers to get the dent looked at. Then I get to go to the library to pick up books I may or may not have time to read.

Also, it's hot. Like surface of the sun hot. And promises to remain so until October. Why do I like summer again? Is it Fall yet?

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