Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it over yet?

We're in that weird time for homeschoolers that I like to call end of year purgatory. We're not completely free and in summer mode yet, but we're not in the usual knuckle down and get to work mode of the school year either.

We tend to peter out, sadly. I like the way the schools do it. On this date, you're done. period. the end.

As a homeschooling family things sort of gradually end. Co op classes end one day, you finish your math curriculum a week later, you have to read through the summer because your mother is evil wants you to keep your brain sharp.

Then there are the things we actually add because it's summer. Things like a little math fact review or perhaps a few documentaries for fun. (who doesn't' like a documentary on sharks before you head out on your beach vacation, for instance?)

However, I feel a little sad for my kids. When I was in school there was nothing like that exhilarating feeling of walking out of the doors of the school building for the summer. The feeling of freedom was intoxicating.

My kids don't really get that. Education is just a way of life around here. We change it up a bit. We don't have to sit around the kitchen table at 8am every day doing our lessons during the summer. Things do change, but they don't just STOP.

Maybe I should have a bell installed in the house and I could ring it on Friday, scream "SCHOOL'S OUT" and run out the front door? Somehow I don't think it would have quite the same effect.


Sandy said...

We're in homeschool purgatory as well. We can't completely stop for the summer, as we also need to keep our skills sharp, but we have used up most of the curriculum in the house and I'm waiting on funding to buy more. We're limping along with what I could pull together, but it's not working all that well. Also, it's already getting hot enough to make me want to cry and move to Canada, so that isn't helping.

Tonya said...

I felt like it was homeschool purgatory the last couple weeks. But then, Monday, I gave Abigail her standardized tests and called it quits. My fever was over 100, Eric was leaving town the next day. We were DONE. Am I ever glad - my week would NOT have supported school! :-)

So, you could just be a lazy mom like me, call it quits and pick it back up in a month when you can breathe again. :-)

Annie Kate said...

We had the same awful feeling a few weeks ago, and I crossed as much as possible off the lists and told the kids they were finished for the year if they got the rest done.

Wow, did they work! And were they happy when they finally finished! We took off to the woods right away, and had a 'special' supper--nachos and floats-- and took the next week completely OFF.

I was at least as happy as they were. :)

Mrs. White said...

I love this. What an amazing post!
Mrs. White