Friday, June 26, 2009

Impromptu Redo

Wondering where I've been all week? Well I've been drowning in an impromptu girls room remodel. This is how we do things here on the Hilltop. With as little planning as possible!

I have been looking for some very specific bunk beds for the girls room for some time now on Craig's List. Well, on Saturday I found them. Sir D and I drove out and picked them up. We dismantled the girls old, sad, slightly pink (what was I thinking?) bunk beds and began to put up the new ones.

We decided that while we had the beds out we might as well paint. Simple right? Turns out, notsomuch. We had to move a giant white cabinet that was in their room. The giant white cabinet did not want to be moved and fell completely apart. Truly.

So we had to take every last thing out of their room. They have a LOT of stuff. We placed everything in the back room and began painting. After it was painted we put the bed up.

LOVE the color, and LOVE the bed, but now every last thing the girls own is piled up in the back room. So over the last week we've been weeding through all their stuff. They're in that weird stage between little girl and teenager. They don't play with barbies or dolls anymore, but somehow those strange littlest pet shop things with the odd shaped heads are still appealing. They don't like crayons anymore but have all manor of craft supplies and paints and markers.

After we sorted everything, we had to organize it and figure out how we were going to fit it all back in. We moved some furniture around and put a book shelf in there.

Their room looks WONDERFUL! We are about 80% done. We have to paint the table top and hang some shelves and whatnot and then DONE! I can't wait to finish and show you the final product. I think they're gonna LOVE it!

Here are a few before shots. One is from a year or so ago. It shows the plain white wall color and the old pinkish beds.

Here is Sir D and the girls and I taking down stuff. Oh, I forgot to mention the boys were still at camp when all this was going on so Sir D and the girls and I did it all ourselves! I'm so proud of us! (though I bed Sir D wishes he'd waited for the boys! We girls need a little more instruction when he asks us to hand him a tool. He had to describe it. I don't know which one a 'Phillips head' is!)

Here is a teaser...

You can see the beds and get an idea of the new wall color...

Once we're completely done I'll do the Final Reveal! How exciting!

Check back on Tuesday for the 'AFTER' shots. They're amazing!

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