Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Worked for Spider Man

What a week.

Ann and I have been on our own this week with the big kids off at camp. I have heard nothing from the big kids, which is as it should be, but I do miss them.

Ann and I have had ice cream for diner, we’ve gone shopping, we’ve watched old movies (LOVE Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant!) and we’ve made flip flops.

Well, I made flip flops and Ann tried. I keep forgetting she’s left handed so every time I try to teach her how to crochet something it ends up being a disaster. I try to show her how to do it with my left hand, but it turns out my left hand is entirely useless except for holding things for my right hand.

Here are the ones I made for Eve, I made a matching hair scrunchy too. I will show you Ann’s whenever we get them finished.

Yesterday Ann went to my SiL’s house because I had to go to the dr. Actually I had to go to the hospital for a test. A bone scan. I showed up in the morning and was injected with radioactive tracers and sent home to drink lots of water for 3 hours then come back for the scan. I was hopeful that having all that radioactive substance floating around my bloodstream would give me some sort of super power. I tried the burn a hole through the pile of dirty dishes with only my gaze but had no luck.

I was told that if I came back in wearing clothing with no metal I could stay in my own clothing and not have to change into their lovely paper gowns. Excellent! you know how many things have metal in them? SHEESH! I finally settled in some jogging pants and a T. Here’s the thing…all of my bras have metal. So I had to go for a sports bra. The thing here is…all my sports bras have some sort of metal!


The only one that didn’t was the oldest one I have that is slightly too small. So I put it on and put a tank over it and put on my T. I feel the need to mention that I live in TX and it’s June, thus it was 150 degrees outside. Not a good time for layering, but hey, it’s better than the paper gown right?

Let me just say the overall look was somewhat frightening. It looked like I had a speed bump on my chest. Nice. Not that I am trying to impress anyone. In fact it is my goal NOT to draw attention to my chest at all. So exposing a lot of flesh and cleavage is not my style. The thing is, the freaky smushed together, speed bump look draws just as much attention as the cleavage look only the speed bump look is decidedly NOT attractive.

And of course I get Dr. Doug Ross from ER as my tech. Were they out of all the old guys or ladies? I had to get Mr. GQ?


Happily it was over quickly and I got to see my irradiated bones on the screen. Interesting. Most of my joints lit up like a Christmas tree. I have a feeling that’s not good, but we’ll see what my Rheumatologist says.

Too bad I had wasted all my super power potential on burning a hole through the dishes with only my gaze. I should have worked on my cloak of invisibility. That would have come in way more handy as I tried to walk out of the hospital while drawing as little attention as possible to my odd shaped figure.

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