Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Ears are Ringging with the sound of NOTHING!!!

My house is amazingly, blessedly quiet. I am not sure how that happened. One minute there are 5 kids here and the next...none!

Every Tuesday T comes over for the day. She is my niece who lived with us for a while. We love her dearly, but OH THE GIGGLING when she is here... It's not her, well it is, but it's not just here. Something happens when you get all three of them together. It's so loud you can probably hear it from where you are!

So I had prepped myself for a loud, giggly kinda day. I have a lot to do it preparation for school starting Monday. I have been very, very busy trying to find ways to avoid preparing for school on Monday. All this procrastination can really be exhausting...

So while I planned to spend the day in the back room organizing (HA!) with silly, giggly girls bounding around, I find myself, instead enjoying the silence.

Grandma called and asked if she could have the girls for a couple of hours to help her clean off her bookshelves. The girls were thrilled because g-ma pays way better than I do. Especially since I don't pay at all. Grandma also always has food. They like grandma.

SO off the girls go to grandma's house. Then Will heads off to work for the afternoon and Bob gets an invite to a friends house for a Halo party. Really, it's a hey!-school's-gonna-start-in-a-few-days-and-we'd-better-get-in-as-much-fun-as-we-possibly-can party. But I guess 'Halo Party' is easier to say.

So here I find myself, sitting in my house, ALONE. And there is all this quiet, and lack of sound, and stillness. Do you think I'm going to spend all this blessed solitude working on homeschool stuff??? Heck no!

I'm writing, and reading! Because there is all this quiet and lack of interruptions. I can't waste it on organizing!

Getting ready for school on Monday can wait till tomorrow, right. I mean it's only Tuesday!

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