Monday, August 17, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

My friend and I went to see Julie and Julia yesterday. What an adorable movie! It was about food, and blogging, and Julia Childs, and okay, yes there was cooking, but I can forgive that.

You know what I really liked about the movie??? All the people sleeping together in the movie? Totally married! Shocking, I know! And the two married couples? They really liked each other! How refreshing.

I also got the RV out of the driveway this weekend. Also, very refreshing. My driveway is quite large and actually fits all three of the cars we own when there is not a giant RV in it! Lovely. And when I say "I" I really mean Sir D and the boys because there is NO WAY I'm actually going to move that thing anywhere, but I did clean it and unload it and get it ready to be put away, so that counts.

(please insert segue here)

I planned, at the beginning of the summer, to restore order to my home. I did not want to spend all summer in a chaotic home only to rush around and get in orderly in time for school to start. I wanted to enjoy the order. HA! What is this thing you call 'order'!???

Okay, so it wasn't at total loss. I did get alot of the house orderly, but the back/school room? Yeah, not orderly. This week, this must be done because I need to start school in one week and I have NO IDEA where my school books are...not a good way to start the school year.

So this week...organize school stuff!


I miss summer already.

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Tonya said...

This thing you speak of "orderly" Is that a foreign language?!?!?!

:)Have a great week!