Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 1 down, 35 more to go.

As usual on the Hilltop, nothing is usual.

The first week of school consisted of the following...

Eve had a little accident with her bunk bed dismount the weekend before we were to start school so we started off the first day of school by going to the doctor's office at 7:30 am to get her foot X-Rayed.

It is indeed broken. Of course it's broken. That's how we like to start off our school semester/year.

She is currently in a boot like this and clomping all over the house.

Heaven help us all.

Bob's best friend in the entire world (okay, one of his many friends) left the country last night for 4 years with his family on a missionary assignment.

I have been having trouble getting him to do any sort of work, because he wants to spend every waking moment with his friend because "MOM, He's leaving...for 4 YEARS". I know I should be more sympathetic, but we've know they were leaving for 4 months and that excuse has been used to garner permission to have extended sleepovers, weekends camping at the lake, and many, many other usually not allowed escapades culminating in them going to see a midnight movie last night...a school night.

Will has started his classes out at the Community college, but because we were not here when sign up started, he has to take one of the hardest classes he has this year, Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology at a college 30 miles away and it's a Flex Term class which means they squeeze it into 8 weeks. Needless to say he's ever-so happy about this.

The only one who is not having issues this week is Ann, but she's just so happy not do be driving downtown to attend the Scottish Rite Dyslexia Lab school like she's had to do for the past 2 school years, that nothing could spoil her good mood.

Also, I decided to teach them Latin this year...Yeah. What the heck was I thinking?'s your first week of school? Did you send them off? Do they like their teachers? Are they homeschooling? Is it going well? Are you wishing you could send them off to school? Is boarding school in Switzerland already sounding like a viable option?

*This post has been entered into The Homeschool Lounge's Open House. I am not sure it's exactly what they were looking for, but it's an honest look into my not so normal homeschool*


Carol S said...

Military school in a nearby state still sounds attractive.... (I mean for my boy, not any of yours.)

But seriously, even if he's been milking it, I think you've done well to let him spend lots of time with his departing friend! And, of course, now you can milk it in reverse.

Jennifer said...

Thankfully the week has come to an end. This was our first, almost full load. Although no doctor's visits, I feel your pain.

Lori said...

Wow, that's quite a first week! What else can you do but laugh, right?

We don't start until the day after Labor Day. Here's hoping for a less eventful week than yours!

May next week be boring in comparison. :-)

(TOS Crew)

Laura O said...

We just finished our second week. I posted about the first week on my blog and let's just say the first day had me questioning a LOT. Even had a repeat of issues yesterday, but overall it's par for the course these days.

Hope your daughter heals quickly!

Laura O (TOS Crew)

Michaela said...

Okay, what do you do with your two year old while you are working with your 1st grader and K4. I have never considered her a pest until this past week. My middle child kept her entertained last year when I worked with my oldest. Help!

Ruth Staalsen said...

Hope the boot is working out for you guys. He said it was the best of the best.

Tonya said...

You could tell G that his friends could leave FOREVER, with no plans to move back. That's what happens with the military! Little bit of perspective for him. :-)