Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crazy in the Woods

Something really weird and scary happened yesterday. Bob had a friend over and they wanted to walk through the few acres of woods behind our house to the neighborhood on the other side to go see their other friend. There are many trails on this several acres that actually belongs to the Mission organization that is on the other side of the street from our neighborhood.

It is not uncommon for my kids to take these trails. I feel like it’s safer than walking along the road.

Anyway, after a few hours of being at their friend’s house I picked up Bob and dropped David off at his house. At dinner that night Bob told us his ‘funny story’. He said that he and David were about halfway there (in the middle of the woods) when they came upon this guy. Bob described him as probably in his 30’s, tall and skinny. He was without shoes and carrying a stick. He stopped the boys and asked them if either of them had a phone he could use. He said he’d been lost in the woods for 2 days and he’d give the boys $100 if they’d let him use their phone.

Bob immediately felt the possible danger in this situation and told the man no and kept walking. David on the other hand, said yes and handed him his phone. David (who is a VERY sweet kid) told my Bob that they needed to tell this guy about Jesus. Bob felt that they needed to get the heck out of there and call the police. Bob noted to David that there is no possible way to be lost in the woods for 2 days. From where they were standing you could hear cars go by. He also told David that they guy either was on drugs or should be, and was off them.

The guy finished his calls, which Bob said were weird and sort of incoherent, from his end of things, and gave them back their phone. He pulled out his walled offering again to give the boys some $ (they declined and started to walk away). Apparently the guy called after them for a while telling them how thankful he was and that they should take his $100 (they never actually saw any cash, only the wallet). David wanted to talk to him some more, but Bob told David they needed to go. David is such a sweet kid and wanted to witness to this guy.

I told Bob how scary of a situation they were in. The guy was obviously not right, they were totally isolated. ANYTHING could have happened.

Bob said he was watching the guy the whole time. My Bob is a big kid, almost 6 ft and very strong. He said he was standing back from the guy and felt sure he could ‘take him’ or out run him if necessary. I reminded him that the guy could have had a weapon. You can’t really outrun a bullet!

Bob also said he learned some new colorful vocabulary from this guy.

Anyway, I just was so shaken after he told me this. We live in such a safe little bubble of DFW here next to the mission organization. We all know our neighbors; it’s like living in the 50’s most of the time. This just served to remind me that nowhere is safe! I am SO thankful God took care of those boys yesterday. I just can’t get it out of my mind, the ‘what if’s’ are plaguing me!

I talked to Bob again today about how dangerous that situation was and what could have happened and he said it was over and why worry now. He said God protected them so I should just let it go. Teenagers! UGH! One day he’ll be a daddy and he’ll understand.

I have MUCH to be thankful for and this served as a reminder of that! Also, I bet David’s parents will never let him come over to our house again. We let our children go play in the woods with the Craaazzyyys!

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