Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homeschool Skip Day

Yesterday the girls and I skipped school. We even went so far as to recruit one of their friends to skip with us.

It was just so nice yesterday. It seems it has done nothing but rain for the whole month of October and in Tx Oct is usually one of the few months you want to be outside here.

So we've gotten a bit of a warm trend (big surprise) for November and yesterday we took advantage of it.

The leaves are all changing right now and are more beautiful then I've seen them in years, I think because we've had so much rain, and the temps were hovering around 78. How do you possible justify staying inside on a day like that?

Eve had some volunteer work she does at a pre school nearby, but when she was done with that, we headed out to grab some fast food and go feed the ducks! Here are my girls and their friend that we grabbed on the way there.

This was our view from our bench.

Here are the three girls deciding the best way to get the attention of the ducks.

Once the girls left to go to the other side of the lake, I sat back and read my book. This was my view.

I love Fall. Honestly though, I would have loved to go look at the lovely Fall colors and be able to wear a sweater while doing it, but this is Texas. We wear shorts and T-shirts in Nov.

Happy Fall!


Tonya said...

Hey I recognize that extra girl! She's looking awfully grown up.

Annie Kate said...

I LOVE skip school days. Or PD days, as we call them when we're being poitically correct. :)

Today the girls are having a cookie baking birthday party, and my son has fled to escape the feminine invasion. He's building forts at a friend's.

Thanks for your wonderful reminder about going slow when starting homeschooling!

Annie Kate